Ailments I Attributed to EMR Torture

Ailments I Attributed to the unremitting EMR Torture

At the exception of an occasional flu, I have been in excellent health my entire life until the DGSE began the unrelenting radiation campaign to murder me. Due to the nonstop EMR harassment, I have suffered from a variety of ailments that I attributed to this Radiation torture. Some of them appeared to be temporary, but have left permanent indicators of what doctors may see as the normal wear and tear of the human body. I can attribute the following ailments to the harassments and attempts on my life:

1.   Brain meningioma (probably resulted from the biochemical compound placed in my eye drops that my body was rejecting).
2.   Headaches
3.   Blurred Vision
4.   Severe sinusitis. Large polyps appeared in my sinus cavities that occasionally completely obstruct my nasal passages. I believe they induce the swelling in my nasal cavities in order to exploit my medical condition of sleep apnea.
5.   Nodules in my lungs.
6.   Diminished renal functions probably due to scars on the kidneys.
7.   Pancreatitis. The functions of this organ were greatly diminished.  My blood sugar level would at times drop to 54.
8.   I was diagnosed with the bacteria of Helicobacter Pylori in my stomach.
9.   Prostatitis. Enlargement of the prostate. However, this is a normal thing for a man my age, but the growth escalated more than normal during a very short time.
10.        The two extremes of constipation and excessive diarrhea.
11.        Malfunction of the body's natural cooling ability (from excessive sweating to the inability to sweat at all even after a 4-hour bike ride). As a result I almost suffered a heat stroke.
12.        Heart palpitations & multiple heart attacks. There has been a continuous effort to remotely give me a heart.
13.        Adrenal insufficiency. This is probably from the biochemical compound they placed in my eye drops back in April 2006 while I was in Algiers.
14.        Ankle edema
15.  Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC). This was supposed to cause a general internal hemorrhage

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