Friday, November 18, 2011

DGSE's Silent Genocide w/Frequencies, Microwave, Radiation

The French Intelligence Agency (La Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE)) is perpetrating a slow and Silent Genocide on Americans with radioactive chemicals, Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD), Low Frequency Infrasound (LFI), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), & Microwave Technologies.

The human race is facing a calamity of cosmic proportion.  It is a genocide that is invisibly and silently targeting everyone.  However, for the moment there is select minority that finds itself in the cross-hair more than others. 

This genocide has been inconspicuously occurring in plain sight for three to four decades. I am not aware of its inception date, but some victims have reported being the target of this torture for over 30 years. Due to its unassuming nature only the victim (the targeted person whom I call ‘warrior’) is aware of the assault.  Therefore most people would swear to the insanity of anyone who speaks of its existence and the manner it is being perpetrated. This is being done by design in order to discredit those who report it. 

Although we are used to previous genocide targeting a particular ethnic or religious group, however this one transcends all ethnic and racial groups.  It is reported in North America, Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and the Far East.  Hence the reason why I say, everyone is being targeted by an unknown entity with deep pockets and a sinister agenda.  Due to the vast resources that are used, most victims blame the attacks on their respective government.  

I believe the DGSE and with financial backing from the Algerian intelligence Services are responsible for targeting me. I honestly do not know their level of responsibility in the torture of the other victims

The Weapons of Choice

The instruments of death are invisible, silent, and over time deadly. The method used is designed to attack the biological equilibrium of the targeted victim with the goal to slowly destroy the body’s life sustaining systems in order to precipitate an early death. Using the Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) that supposedly will yield no trace of their murderous acts, the DGSE and its proxies have been clandestinely using a combination of the following concoctions and technologies:

1.   Bio/radioactive chemical agents / compound
2.   Low Frequency Infrasound (LFI)
3.   Electromagnetic waves
4.   Electromagnetic pulses
5.   Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)
6.   Microwave radiation
7.   Microwave radar 
8.   Radiological dispersal devices (RDD)

I think RDDs, EMR, LFI, and the microwave radiations are used to immerse the victim's body in a gulf of radiation, which renders unstable the nuclei of the body's natural chemicals.  This operation creates an artificially induced state of radioisotope in those chemicals. These radioisotopes more than likely enhance the effect of EMR, LFI, and microwave radiation.  This process probably causes the cells in the human body to decay or become cancerous. The ultimate goal is to cause illness, diseases, and eventual death of the human body.

If you ask me I’d tell you that this is a borderline alien technology 

Is it Electronic Harassment or a different kind of warfare:  e.g., Microwave, Radiological, Biological or just Radio/Bio-terrorism?

What is the relationship between radiological / biological warfare and this phenomenon called electronic harassment? They might just be one in the same, being perpetrated by the same entity.  

Most Americans are ignorant of this phenomenon, which is ubiquitous for many around the globe. More often than not, victims of radiation refer to this phenomenon as electronic harassment. Anytime a victim recounts the experience of being the target of radiation harassment, most interlocutors would quickly dismiss that person to be psychotic.  Eventually, the victim loses his / her employment, friends, family members and is isolated to live on the fringe of society.  This is a recipe for someone to become destitute and classified as a pariah.  In the most extreme cases, some victims perish of some “natural cause” ailments, while others resort to suicide to escape the unrelenting radiation torture.

Moreover, Science has already proven that each organ in the body possesses its own specific resonance.  Armed with that knowledge with the right bio/radioactive chemicals, frequency, and radiation, an evildoer with the means and motive has the capability to target any organ in the body of a person in order to cause any desired illness. 

Educate Yourself and conduct your own research

There are reports that microwave technologies have been evolving since the 1950's.  I suggest you educate yourself on the existence and use of such a technology as a weapon and its bio effects on the human body.  You should however start your search by viewing this video link. 

This video is an interview of Mr. Barrie Trower - a British Physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and had worked for the Royal Navy and British Secret Service.  In the interview, Mr. Trower explains how the microwave technology is used to target a human and that person’s vital organs.  The World Foundation for Natural Science conducted the interview. For more information on Mr. Barrie Trower and other links, I suggest you peruse my Reference page. 

An additional link worth checking out is the Conspiracy Theory episode by Jesse Ventura. 
This video is self explanatory.  This is probably the first time a TV program has dedicated air time to expose the microwaves torture the so called Targeted Individuals (TI) have been experiencing.  Due to the nature of this torture calling us TIs is without doubt another way of minimizing or dehumanizing our situation. We are victims of the highest human rights abuse ever.  

What is this type of warfare?

The perpetrators use radiated bio-chemicals that are plentiful in nature and the human body in conjunction with Microwave radiation, EMR, and LFI.  Maybe this is not biological warfare since no victims even mentioned of any symptoms that remotely resembles the after effect of conventional biological attack.  This leaves one possibility to silently and remotely trigger biological impairment of the human body:

Radiological & Microwave Warfare

Basically, I and the other victims are slowly being murdered with sounds, waves, frequencies, and radiations.  Regardless of the type of chemicals and technology being used, as long as the process is to cause illness, and/or death, I believe the direct effect or by-product of this warfare is biological.

“Life is warfare” Seneca the Younger

So who is responsible for this electronic torture?

My experience at the receiving end of this Frequency, EMR, and Microwave radiation torture is analogous if not identical to the ordeal of the victims of electronic harassment. I do not know who is responsible for the torture of the other victims.  From my optic La Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) - the French Intelligence Agency that is comparable to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - figures prominently in the chain of responsibility for my saga.  Moreover, I can easily justify why I believe the Algerian intelligence agency also shares in the same responsibility.

Imagine the intelligence agency of a host nation that is engaged in the assassination of members of the foreign diplomatic corps assigned in that country. This is truly a violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention.

Targeted while Assigned at the US Embassy in Algiers

I discovered being a target in April of 2006 while - as a US Army Major - I was temporarily posted at the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, Algeria. Upon arrival in that country, I noticed being under heavy surveillance. The surveillance did not bother me, because traveling US Government employees are well aware of host countries’ prerogative to – within reasons – check the identities of all visitors crossing their national borders. All we can do is observe and take note, which I did.

Three days after I landed in Algiers, a biochemical compound was introduced into my eye drop at the Algiers’ Hilton. I immediately knew something was amiss when I used the eye drop because it stung my eyes. I thought it to be very abnormal because it never happened before.  After an incubation period of 4 to 5 months, the chemical compound manifested itself in my head with excruciating pains. The chemical subsequently caused me to suffer several heart attacks during a 2-week period. In fact while the former K.G.B. officer Mr. Alexander V. Litvinenko was decimating in a London hospital of a radioactive tea, my body was experiencing a series of unexplained physiological problems.

All sorts of thoughts came to my mind.  I wondered if like Litvinenko, I was targeted with a chemical potion.  However, I was unable to prove anything and thought that hopefully the French or the Algerians knew better.  Boy was I terribly wrong?  The effects of the biochemical compound in my body culminated into an episode that felt like my inside was about to explode. By then I was already in another country and became convinced of being targeted for assassination, but in a manner to make it appear as if I died of natural cause.

Despite my certainty of the DGSE’s culpability, I doubt it could ever have happened without the knowledge of the Algerian intelligence agency when I was first targeted at the Algiers’ Hilton in April of 2006.  Every step I took in Algiers, I was very much aware of the presence of the Algerian’s secret police.  Upon my return to Washington DC, where the operation continued, I was able to link some of the same agents who monitored me in Algiers to others who monitored me in the Washington DC metro area.  In other words, in Washington DC, I saw some of the same faces I saw monitoring me in Algiers.

The success of the operation in America hinged on the existence of a well established, well financed, well rehearsed, network of individuals (mercenaries or secret society goons) who are determined to operate under the radar and above the law.

At the onset of my ordeal, I was certain of the hand of a foreign power as the force responsible for my problems. I was very confused and ignorant of the exact nature of the threat I was facing and how they had set out to destroy my life. I ardently tried to comprehend what was going on, but failed miserably. I failed because I was unaware of the existence of organized stalking and electromagnetic radiation as a mode of harassment, torture, and possibly murder in this country.

This is not a North African Science

The first time I discovered someone was trying to kill me was in Algiers.  Considering the obvious Algerian connection it would be very easy to speculate that the Algerian government is the responsible party.  Is it really the Algerian government?  Despite all the oil reserve at the disposition of the Algerian government, I doubt very much that it is the sole and primary party responsible for targeting me.  If it is not the Algerian government, but who is it?

Who is capable and willing to try to kill a US military officer assigned at a diplomatic post? What country has the scientific and technical expertise to strategically place a chemical compound into someone’s eye drop container that eventually causes him to suffer multiple heart attacks 7 months later? What country has the capability to isolate and target a person’s internal organs with the use of LFI, radioactive chemicals, and EMR?  What country is able to remotely cause heart attacks, headaches, problems with glands in the body, with the pancreas, kidneys, and the circulatory and digestive systems?

Only a handful of countries would dare to attempt such an act.  It is a published fact that the KGB (the Russian government) has the capability and used it on American personnel posted at the American embassy in Moscow in the 1970s and 1980s. Well for the soviet or the KGB, this was done in a control environment within their national borders.  Who is willing to do this on an international level?  I know that I had nothing to do with the Russians. 

The science to isolate and remotely target the organs in someone’s body with electromagnetic and microwave radiations that is complemented with Low Frequency Infrasound could not possibly be from North Africa.  During the period subsequent to April 2006, I observed and noted how an unknown group – to include French nationals – as they tracked me through Algeria, Qatar, Bahrain, England, and ultimately to the Washington DC area.  

Therefore, despite the obvious Algerian connection, I concluded that such capability is not a North African science. This is without doubt a country that has made tremendous strides in the field of science and technology.


This does not mean the Algerian government does not have the means and motive to FINANCE such an evil plan.  To learn more, please click on the Algerian’s complicity page to ascertain why I believe the Algerian government might have been bamboozled by the DGSE to finance its escapades around the world.

Targeted as a US Army Lieutenant Colonel assigned at the Pentagon

In 2007 – a year after my first encounter in Algiers – as a US Army Lieutenant Colonel assigned at the Pentagon, the targeting of my being continued.  It was a very intensive - around the clock - inconspicuous surveillance operation. A combination of chemicals were released in my apartment in layers to eventually cause me to suffer heart attacks and other natural ailments.

When I reported that fact to my organization, I was command referred to the agency’s psychiatrist. One might naïvely think that the Pentagon was ignorant of this phenomenon.  There is a chance the Pentagon was not immediately aware of the responsible party targeting me.  However, subsequent to further research, I came to realize that this phenomenon was not foreign to the Pentagon and the US government.

Since no one believed me, so I began to photograph and follow those whom I suspected were targeting me. I would pick one moron and follow him / her around for a few miles. At such moments, the group would become more aggressive and block me off.

Although the Modus Operandi (MO) was somewhat similar to gang stalking, but initially, the object of the operation against me was other than gang stalking or simply to harass me. I believe this was strictly a foreign intelligence operation in the United States with infiltrations into the Pentagon and the Headquarters of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). That is where I saw people I suspected were monitoring my activities.

At the beginning, their surveillance teams consisted of individuals who appeared to be Caucasian Americans, Western Europeans, and upper & sub-Sahara Africans. It was not until later the demographic of the group slowly became that of the Washington DC area.

A Brief Period of Gang / Organized Stalking

It only became a brief period of organized stalking operation when they realized that not only I was able to identify them, but I was also photographing their operatives.  At that moment, the operation was modified briefly to a campaign to discredit me. The operation was no longer clandestine and became overt in nature.  They wanted me to see them.  They attempted to aggravate and overwhelm me with - but not limited to - the following subliminal actions in order to unnerve me:

1.   They got extremely close to me to the point of violating my personal space.
2.   As they are near me, they would jingle the change in their pockets and gave me dirty looks.  
3.   As I attempted to enter buildings, someone would rush in after me, crown me in the elevator.
4.   They drove real slowly on the highway in front of me. Other times, they would box me in order to control my speed.
5.   At night they followed behind me with their high beams
6.   They called my phone while I slept during the night to say nothing and hang up
7.   They topped it off by moving my rental car from one end of the parking lot to another while the car was parked and locked on a military installation. That was an attempt to make me think I was losing my mind or in the event I shared that information with anyone, my interlocutor would think I was crazy.

I was convinced they were trying to push me over the edge, or make others think I was a lunatic. The overt gang stalking did not last long (maybe 3 weeks max) and ceased abruptly on the day I met with the agency psychiatrist. Who would believe someone referred to the psychiatrist?

Moreover, I was also certain they were trying to isolate me from my friends because all of a sudden they stopped calling and returning phone calls. I knew it was odd because I only have few friends with whom I normally keep in touch.  I knew some of them for 15 to 20 years.  Others I knew for about 8-10 years. When I visit their town, we would meet for either lunch or at least a drink.  In fact one had asked me to be the godfather to his daughter. They broke contact with me for no apparent reasons.

360 Degree & around the clock coverage of my being

At the start of my ordeal, I honestly had no clue what was transpiring.  At the beginning, they would saturate my home environment with chemicals.  They applied radioactive chemicals or just radiation on my clothes, toiletries provisions, water supply, personal effects, and anything that potentially would come into contact with my body.  On the roadways they used cars to engulf me with chemicals that reacted with the other chemicals they put in my food to eventually cause death of natural cause.

This is a continuous clandestine and covert operation with a series of stealthy home and car intrusions to spray chemicals in my environment. Helicopters are used extensively to release certain chemicals either directly over me or over my anticipated routes. When the helicopters pass directly overhead, I would immediately feel flu-like symptoms. Other times I would feel a terrible fatigue coming over me.  This brings to mind something worth studying.  What is the correlation between the chemicals they are using from helicopters and the phenomenon known as chemtrails? This requires further investigation.

Radioactive Chemicals are used to complement LFI, EMR, and Microwave Radiation. They target every organ in my body

When the chemicals released from cars did not work, they switched to low frequency infrasound (LFI), EMR, and microwave radiation. The use of this technology is combined with bio-chemicals. Then I began to feel the ‘zing’ and the “zap’ other victims reported feeling.  The radiation campaign is usually complemented with applications of radioactive chemicals that are forced into the body clandestinely.  They are absorbed into the blood stream via touch, food consumption, or through the respiratory system. Since the chemicals do not bother those who are not targeted, they must be plentiful in nature and to a certain degree in the human body.

It is Frequency. 

With the help of the creator, I slowly began to piece together this complicated puzzle.  My routine was to feed the birds. One day, I was feeding the seagulls, each time I felt the familiar zing or zap, I noticed like on an invisible cue, all the birds would fly away at the same time and return immediately.  It looked like a dance in the air.  I then realized that what ever was being used had a frequency that bothered the birds to make them instantaneously fly away.  Little did I know that the weapons hey were using on me were none other but frequencies themselves.  

While in my apartments, I would always feel through walls electronic attacks, which caused me to move out of several apartments and ended up living on a boat. During the chemicals, infrasound, and radiation assault on my being, they have at a minimum targeted every organ in my body, e.g., stomach, heart, brain, eyes, pancreas, liver, kidneys, lungs, prostate, muscle group, sinus / respiratory system, glands, digestive system. They targeted my circulatory system by trying to induce a disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).

I felt the zapping, the zings throughout my entire body.  I think the zapping sensation I and other victims experience might be a reaction of the chemicals already in the body, with Low Frequency Infrasound (LFI), Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Pulses, and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). The radiation is felt around my heart cavity.  At times I would feel immediate physiological changes, but other times not.

Why no one else feels the zapping unless they are especially targeted? I do not know. The same goes for eating radiated food. When I feel the presence of these chemicals in a public setting, I would be the only one affected. Regardless of the chemicals’ point of entry into the body, they tend to leave a bitter or salty after taste in the saliva. When an item contaminated with chemicals is touched, the chemicals would quickly travel through my body and enter my blood stream, where subsequently will react with further chemicals, waves, and electromagnetic radiation.

Is it really possible to individually target the body's organs to produce a specific result? As previous research by the military and other civilian entities have proven, the human organs have specific resonant frequency that can be targeted with a specific frequency for good or ill using low frequency infrasound and radiation along the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, with the proper dose of chemicals and the right frequency, each organ, in the body can be targeted with either the goal of optimization or degeneration. 

Seamless operation throughout the United States & Canada

The harassment and attempts to murder me are conducted seamlessly from state to state and to Canada. If I fly to another state, they would fly with me round trip. The radiation campaign continued during the flights, aboard the airplane and resumed upon my arrival at my destination. While in Canada, they used vehicles with Canadian license plates, but when I crossed back into the United States, they switched back to using vehicles with US plates. Another time, in an attempt to avoid the onslaught, I left the DC area and drove to Louisiana, but the surveillance and harassment seamlessly followed me through Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Is it the US Government?

In view of the extensive resources used in these operations, it is perfectly logical for any victim to blame the U.S. government for their pains. Most observers would agree that only a government could afford to dedicate such boundless resources to conduct these operations. Whether in the United States or a country overseas, this is why 99% of the victims accused their respective Government or military as the culprit.  There are reports of the same activities occurring in Western European countries, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan etc. 

Since I became a target of this maltreatment in 2006, I discovered that there exist several forces at work in this country.  As far as the United States is concerned, I realized that it is not always the US Government in every case. I am not even sure if the US government is even involved at all.  This does not mean that select members of the US government are not aware of what is transpiring. I remember seeing select government employees whom I suspected to have something to do with radiating me. 

The last thing you would find me doing at this time is to defend the US Government. However, I have observed and tracked the culpable parties as they followed me from the Middle East to Washington DC. In fact I was badly mistreated by agencies of the US government when I reported the aggressive intelligence operation that was mounted against me. They:

a.   Revoked my Security clearances and stripped my access to classified information
b.   Referred me to three psychiatrists
c.   Diagnosed me of delusional disorder
d.   Admitted me in the psychiatric ward at Walter Reed Army Hospital
e.   Forced me into early medical retirement.

All of this occurred to me while – according to Barrie Trower – the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has in its possession credible information on microwave warfare.

It seems that there are many groups for hire operating in this country.  It should not surprise anyone that foreign intelligence agencies would find it beneficial to use these, groups to maintain anonymity while operating in this country. Based on my observation, these groups are made up of a gaggle of regular citizens and a variety of active, possibly retired, city, state, and federal government employees and contractors. Those government employees and may have been moonlighting and operate in family unit as well. When in restaurant settings, a female, as part of a couple, would be the one carrying the portable radiation weapon in her purse or pocketbook.

Despite the similarities of my ordeal to that of the other victims, I am absolutely certain my problems did not begin with the US Government. I emphasize begin here, because I am unaware of the US government's actions when I submitted a report of being under heavy surveillance. My intention here is not to exonerate the US Government and give them a get-out-of-jail-free card. I am not aware of the government activities under the veil of secrecy. If any US Government agency is piggybacking on the DGSE’s actions to use me as a guinea pig, remove me from society, or finish the job started by the French and the Algerians, unfortunately and sadly I cannot prove it. I believe the tormentors and aggressors responsible for these sadistic acts will sleep in the bed they are making for themselves. This includes rogue US agents or US agencies.

The Goal of this terror or torture is to neutralize the victim

Each act of the DGSE or its proxies fits deliberately and systematically to a puzzling campaign of psychological and physical torture on my being. The goal of this campaign is to completely neutralize and discredit me in the event someone is willing to listen to my story.

Based on my observation and experience,

As a nation state – the DGSE - hence the French Government - has been clandestinely and deliberately releasing chemicals into my environment (home, car, public venues, etc.), my food / water supply, and my clothing. These chemicals later react with EMR, LFI, electromagnetic waves and pulses, microwave radiation, etc. The ultimate goal of this torture is to offset my biological equilibrium and cause illness/diseases, and eventual premature death.

How do I know it is in fact the DGSE?

In view of the covert nature of these activities, how do I know the DGSE is responsible for my psychological and physical torture? Prior to 2006, I was posted in East Africa, where the DGSE made several barnyard attempts to begin a process to try to recruit me as an intelligence asset. I saw through their amateurish tactics and of course stayed clear of them. I suspected several subsequent indirect attempts to collect on me, which I did my best to sidestep. I remember calling them some unflattering names while they were monitoring my cell phones. I saw the French as part of a team conducting surveillance on me while the biochemical compound was introduced into my eye drops in Algiers, and as they were tracking me through several countries from the Middle East to Washington DC.

With the knowledge that the DGSE was monitoring my cell phones around the clock, I communicated with the agency and conveyed to them that I am certain they are responsible for torturing and trying to kill me by means of bio-terrorism. I also informed them of the detail of their operation and their use of helicopters. They used to employ helicopters multiple times daily, once I put that information out on the wireless for anyone to capture, they immediately discontinued the use of the helicopters. Although not as intense as before, the use of helicopters resumed later. I am not sure what agency is currently flying them.

Why would the DGSE target me for assassination?

Why was I selected for this electromagnetic radiation torture in the first place? After a careful analysis of my past voyages, I believe I have a pretty good idea why the DGSE selected me for elimination.  They tried to murder me, but failed.  Once they realized I was able to identify them and took pictures of their operatives, they switched to discredit me at the very least. Now their goal is to finish the job.  How did I manage to upset the French Intelligence Agency?

Albeit unintentional, it must have been something I said that ruffled their feathers. Any first world western country trying to kill an individual for having said something deemed insulting depicts the actions of a 4th world country that just happen to have a nuclear weapon. I can enumerate several reasons for their first attempt to eliminate me clandestinely while I was assigned at a diplomatic post and why they will do anything to finish the job:

1. While I was posted in Africa, they made an amateurish attempt to recruit me as an intelligence asset. I immediately saw it coming and avoided it.

2. They subsequently made other veil attempts to collect on me, which I always recognized and did my best to sidestep.

3. While they were monitoring my cell phone

  • I called them amateur loud enough for them to hear me.
  • I commented that if it were not for U.S. and foreign intervention in World War I and World War II, France’s official language would have been German.
  • Or maybe it is because I also made the comment, former British colonies fair tremendously much better than former French colonies.
  • Since I survived the initial attempts on my life and know exactly that they are the culprits and have conveyed that fact to them, now they are definitely on a quest to finish the job to silence me.

4.  That was the initial attempt.  What about the subsequent attempts on my life and the interminable electromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation torture?  I think I am my worst enemy by trying to survive.  Since they launched a massive surveillance operation against me in Washington DC and I was able to identify them and document their activities, they feel it necessary to finish the job. 

5.  They are not alone.  Since they tried to kill me at a diplomatic post in Algiers and failed, now I think they have enlisted or coerced the assistance of the Algerian government to finance the conclusion of this operation.  The French do not want the world to learn that they tried to kill a US military officer while posted at a US embassy.  The Algerians are especially worried of the consequences of the public knowledge that a diplomatically assigned military officer was targeted for murder on their soil with the possible implication of that country’s intelligence services.

Honestly, if you ask me, I’d tell you that you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Blatant Violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention by the DGSE & the Algerian Intelligence Service/Government

Is the DGSE also responsible for the EMR torture of the other American victims? I do not know that, but if you ask me, I'd firmly say that the French Intelligence Agency has been using a segment of the American public as a pool of unwitting guinea pigs. Apparently, the goal of the experiment is to test, deploy, refine tactics, adjust, and improve the clandestine use of EMR weapons. This type of information falls in the domain of state national security secrets. No nation wants the international community to learn that its intelligence agency:

1.   Has committed one of the gravest international infractions by trying to assassinate another country's genuine officer while assigned at a diplomatic post. This is in direct violation of Articles 1, 29, and 37 of the 1961 Vienna Convention, which covers the protection of diplomats and their embassy technical staff.

2.   Has been using the American public or any other nation's public as a pool of guinea pigs to test and improve their electromagnetic radiation technology.

Not without precedence

I have a distinct feeling that such violations are not without precedence. These activities are very well rehearsed. This is not the kind of operation one can throw together at the last minute. Let’s surmise I am the sole victim of the DGSE, sustaining an operation of such magnitude around the clock for 5 years requires vast resources, preparation, and countless rehearsals. Let’s not forget, other victims report being at the receiving end of this radiation assault for more than twenty years.

What is really going on?  Maybe we are witnessing the onset of a global dictatorship where the end justifies the means.  This is a very costly venture. Due to the technology and resources at play here, it takes a government or an intelligence agency or a group of countries to undertake and sustain an operation of such magnitude.  It could very well be a group that belongs to a secret society with the goal of murder on a massive scale in order to control or considerably reduce the global population.

Access to where my letter is posted online is blocked. 

On 31 March 2010, I forwarded a copy of a letter to where it was immediately posted on the web.  Less than 24 hours later access to the letter was masked from that website search engines and others.  Mr. Adachi forwarded me this link that was disabled by someone who accessed my email.  Someone definitely does not want this information published. 

The link has been blocked or broken and might not direct you to the letter.  In fact if you click on the link above, you will notice the entries “BLOCKED” in front of the HTTP. There used to be only "blocked" in the URL address line, but recently I checked and noticed other variants of blocked entries to cause the page not to open.  They are either "blockedhttp/" or "", or words to that effect within the URL address line. This probably depends on how you access the page.  In any event, to access the letter, I suggest you remove the words or entries highlighted here: “BLOCKED”, "blockedhttp/”, "", or any other variant with "blocked" in the address and hit enter or go.  The page should open without any problem. However, if it still fails, please click on this link to access the letter:  When you get to the letter, I suggest you listen to the 31 March 2010 radio interview program that discussed my letter.  

What is the true Agenda of this Radiation torture?

According to Internet postings, there are over 3 million victims of EMR around the world.  Once I learned of their existence, I began to compare the Modus Operandi (MO) used and the victims’ physiological complaints. The techniques and numerous afflictions reported by other victims, unmistakably, parallel the MO I observed and after effects of EMR torture I felt.

Initially, I was very confused at my inclusion into this torture campaign.  I saw it as a clandestine intelligence operation that went real bad. They tried to clandestinely follow me around the Washington DC area using a very large number of individuals, but I was able to see and photographed many of their operatives.  I saw the hands of the French and the Algerians in that operation. Second and a little later I realized that they tried to kill me, but failed. Unfortunately for them, I also know that they had tried to assassinate me.  I am very well aware of who made the veil attempt on my life.  I suspected they were trying to finish a job that was previously started in order to silence me.  

 It does not matter what agency is truly responsible for substituting my eye drop with a bio-chemical compound at the hotel in Algiers.  The goal at that time was to assassinate me while assigned at a diplomatic post.  Obviously this act was not a random act perpetrated by a regular citizen.  Whether it was the French or the Algerian government, neither country want the world to learn that one of them attempted to kill an officer of another country while assigned at a diplomatic post.   

What is the connection between my case and that of the other 3 million or so cases around the globe? The MO and the after effects of the radiation torture are identical. Let me go a little further, what is the connection to the claim of conspiracy theorists?  According to them, there are secret societies yearning to form a one-world government with a reduced “manageable” population.  It might very well be just one large global secret organization.  The claim is that they intend to reduce the population, but I have yet to see anyone identify how the secret societies intend to arrive at their so-called manageable population goal.

Is it possible that this radiation torture we have been experiencing is a mean to dispose of people in massive numbers?  Based on my experience this radiation’s goal is to slowly kill someone.  If the victim of radiation does not expire from the radiation campaign, the harassment will render any victim to become outright mad, homicidal, suicidal, etc.  The neurological portion of this torture will cause the victims to do things that so-called normal citizens will be too happy to have them declared insane.  If you have a large number of the population declared insane, this will provide the so-called protectors of liberty the authority to dispose of the “insane” masses as they wish. Who could benefit from such an evil plan? Oh by the way the answer might be in the question. 

What is the role of the French Government here?

The operation against me started as a foreign intelligence operation perpetrated by the DGSE on its behalf and that of the Algerian intelligence services.  I demonstrated to them that the clandestine nature of their operation is to no avail since I was able to photograph their operatives.  Then the operation seamlessly transcended into a more covert torture with EMR, RDD, LFI, and microwave with the ultimate goal to assassinate me.  The seamless nature of this transition indicates to me that the entity responsible for my torture might also be responsible for the torture of the other victims.  Does this mean that the DGSE is member to the secret society conspiracy to mass murder massive numbers of the world population?

This requires further investigation.