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There are reports that microwave technologies have been in the works since the 1950's. Despite how indiscernible this torment is to the untouched majority, this phenomenon has nevertheless saturated the lives of many like a tsunami overtaking lowlands below sea level.  I suggest you educate yourself on the existence of microwave technology and its bio effects on the human body with the following links. 

1. This video is an interview of Mr. Barrie Trower - a British Physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and had worked for the Royal Navy and British Secret Service.  In the interview, Mr. Trower explains how the microwave technology is used to target a human and that person’s vital organs.  The World Foundation for Natural Science conducted the interview. For more information on Mr. Barrie Trower and other links, I suggest you peruse my Reference page.  

This video is self explanatory.  This is probably the first time a TV program has dedicated air time to expose the microwaves torture the so called Targeted Individuals (TI) have been experiencing.  Due to the nature of this torture calling us TIs is without doubt another way of minimizing or dehumanizing our situation. We are victims of the highest human rights abuse ever. 

3. - Resonance - Beings of Frequency (documentary film) - This is a long video that we should all watch.  It discusses the importance of the earth's electromagnetic field to animals and humans.  It also shows how the ubiquitous wireless technology and the microwave technology facilitating it is interfering with the human body's natural capability to repair human cells and protect the human body.  

 4. This link will take you to a document that attests to the 2006 declassification date of the Mind control program by the United States Army.  The report is titled "Bio-effects of Selected Weapons." Keep in mind that the US Government classifies some sensitive information for a minimum of 25 years.  For this technology to warrant no further classification in 2006 indicates that this information has been validated and corroborated at least by 1981 or earlier. In fact Mr. Trower did mention that by 1976, the western powers knew all that needed to be known about electromagnetic / microwave radiation.  At a minimum, he was referring to the United States and Great Britain.

7. According to Wikipedia:
“… A biological weapon may be intended to kill, incapacitate, or seriously impeded an individual as well as entire cities or places. The definition went further to state: if a nation state uses it clandestinely, it may also be considered bio-terrorism.”

8. This link takes you to the United States Army Field Manual FM 3-11.22 on Radiological warfare or terrorism. Go to Chapter 3 for the following definition:

Radiological terrorism usually refers to the use of a radiological dispersal device (RDD) or other means to spread radiation throughout a designated area. Radioactivity is the release of energy in the form of radiation. When an isotope is unstable, it emits radiation and is called a radioisotope. Radiation from radioisotopes can damage human cells and cause problematic health issues through the emission of ionizing radiation. The physical effects of ionizing radiation on the human body usually appear first as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.  This may be followed by hair loss, hemorrhage, inflammation of the mouth and throat, and a general loss of energy. Symptoms increase proportionately with the level of exposure and, in some cases, can ultimately result in death. In addition to the physical destruction caused by a radiological device, radiological contamination—or the fear of it—can have immediate and significant psychological impacts on a populace. Furthermore, the trauma caused by the use of a radiological weapon can also have a significant economic and financial impact on a region or nation for an extended period of time.

I invite you to further acquaint yourselves with this phenomenon by conducting more web searches for the following keywords and websites:
1.   Microwave radiation,
2.   Gang and organized stalking
3.   Electronic harassment
4.   Barrie Trower and TETRA Report
5.   Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) torture

The links below will give you a glimpse into the plight of a few victims:

I strongly suggest the Magda Havas, PhD website and other works published by Mr. Trower.  They both speak with authority on this topic.

Moreover the following links were used to make sense of the data in "charting a new world order.

You are invited to research the following: COINTELPRO, the Frank Olson murder, MKULTRA etc.

Was President Bush targeted with some sort of EMR or frequencies? In fact his wife Laura thought they were poisoned:

JFK and Martin Luther King speak on secret societies followed by Congressman Ron Paul on the US escapades around the world.

These links below will take you to other versions of JFK’s speech on secret societies:

Look here at the implosion of tower 7:

Correlation to Chemtrails links:

Mind reading and mind control links: