Algerian Intelligence Agency’s complicity

Why do I believe the Algerian Intelligence Services, hence its Government is also involved?

My analogy may be elementary, but very plausible.  On Monday the 10th of April 2006, I landed in Algiers, Algeria to provide administrative support to the US Defense Attaché Office (DAO) at the US embassy. My mission was temporary and my stay in country was supposed to last no more than 2 weeks. Immediately upon my arrival I realized I was under intensive surveillance by a joint Franco-Algerian intelligence team. In fact the embassy driver who came to pick me up at the airport recognized me immediately. Knowing that I neither sent my photo to the embassy nor does anyone at the embassy knew what I look like, that raised a red flag in my mind.

They monitored me around the city of Algiers, in the hotel’s lobby and from an adjacent room to my hotel room. I am also certain they intruded into my computer, because I discovered certain spyware files on my laptop hard drive that were not there before, to facilitate such intrusion. Despite the clandestine nature of their activities, they were very apparent to me.

Three days later, on Thursday 13 April 2006, I discovered that someone had clandestinely switched my eye drops that I left in the hotel room, with a bio-chemical compound. When I used the eye drop, my eye stung me.  This was odd since it never happened before.  In October 2005 I had undergone eye laser surgery and the ophthalmologist ordered daily use of eye drops to keep my eyes moist for the next 12 months.  I immediately knew something was wrong and figured that someone had tempered with my eye drops. 

Later, the chemicals threw my body for a loop and caused me to suffer several heart attacks and other unexplained physiological problems. Subsequently the operation continued from Algiers to the Washington DC Metro area when I returned home. I figured immediately that someone was trying to murder me but to make it appear that I died of natural causes

In the Washington DC area, I was targeted with a very intense covert surveillance operation. I saw some of the same individuals that were monitoring me in Algiers. I also saw some others whom I have never seen before, but was able to link them to the ones in Algiers. I also noticed them as they were tracking me from country to country until I arrived in Washington DC metro area. The perpetrators included individuals who look like North Africans, sub-Sahara Africans, Western Europeans, and Americans.  Many of these perpetrators were staying at the Residence Inn across the Pentagon on Army Navy Drive. When I got tired of their intrusiveness, I decided to photograph those I suspected were involved in the operation.

I knew I had stumbled upon something big. My suspicions were subsequently confirmed when I discovered that someone had clandestinely entered my hotel room in Old Town Alexandria to temper with my digital camera memory card. Someone tried to erase or remove the identity of the individuals and vehicles I had photographed. The same intruders also tempered with the videos on the memory card and cut out the identities of personnel they wanted to protect. I think the morons would have fared better if they had just taken the camera memory card. 

Initially, due to the technology and Modus Operandi (MO) I noticed, I immediately concluded that I was being monitored by the French Intelligence Agency (DGSE).  I also believed of the great possibility that the operation was being financed by the Algerian intelligence services, hence the Algerian government. Why the Algerians? 

I have already determined that the DGSE thought I was an insolent for calling them names.  They had gone out of their way to cause me all sort of harms.  When I requested an official visa to enter Algiers, more than likely the Algerian conducted a search of my name with the DGSE that was more than eager to ingratiate themselves to the Algerian political leaders. I have no idea what was said about me, but it motivated the Algerians to launch a major surveillance operation against me when I landed in Algiers.

It makes perfect sense for the Algerians to want me dead. Here is why:

1.   When the DGSE substituted my eye drop with the bio-chemical compound at the hotel in Algiers with the goal to murder me, the Algerian intelligence agency either witnessed the act or was part of the process.

2.   Who knows the Algerians probably supported, sponsored, or even requested that action. Although I have no clue of the Algerian’s true involvement, but I am certain they have knowledge of it.

3.   At that time I was assigned at the US Embassy in Algiers, under the protection of articles 1, 29, and 37 of the 1961 Vienna Convention. This document covers the international agreement dealing with the protection of diplomats and their respective technical staff.

4.   I am able to identify some of the Algerian operatives while they were running wild in the DC area along with the French and their American lapdogs.

5.   I overtly took a lot of pictures and videos of the perpetrators.  This includes the same Algerians I observed in Algiers and Washington, DC.

6.   Imagine a conspiracy - perpetrated by the host country - to assassinate a diplomatically assigned officer while he/she was operating within the scope of his duties.

7.   I think the DGSE probably assured the Algerians of anonymity and convinced them that it is to their advantage to finish the job of killing me because I was in their country when the first attempt was made on my life while under the protection of the 1961 Vienna Convention. 

8.   Obviously the Algerians would prefer to see me dead rather than running the risk of the publicity of their complicity in their attempt to murder a diplomatically assigned officer in their own country.

9.   I therefore concluded that the French and the Algerians targeted me for assassination, but in a manner to make it appear as if I died of natural causes.

This is a flagrant violation of International laws.

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