Analogous experience to victims of EMR & Electronic Harassment

Electronic harassment is either a prelude to or the actual Electromagnetic Radiation torture

My experience is - without doubt - analogous to the ordeal of the million other electronic harassment victims in America and around the glob. I think electronic harassment is just an episode toward a much more sinister outcome.  It is a process designed to soften the body of the targeted victim in order to bring the body of the victim to the level of complete radiation sensitivity.  Once the body reach that peak of sensitivity, the victim is more prone to the disease or ailments they want to afflict on him / her.  Please see my page on the possible ailments I have suffered.

During my ordeal I searched everywhere for information that could open my eyes into the puzzling phenomenon I was experiencing.  I was only able to piece the puzzle together when I began to read the testaments of other victims and associated information dealing with EMR, LFI, RDD, and microwave technologies.  Only then I was able to compare my saga to that of other victims.  The following occurrences scratch only the surface of my saga as it is compared to that of the other victims of electronic and EMR harassment:

1. Violations of privacy. When an entity enters your home and vehicle at will, constantly monitors your electronic footprint, regularly intercept your mail, and follow you around 24/7, this is a total violation of privacy and civil liberties. 

2. Clandestine Home and car intrusions. These violations include any home or car to which I might have access. They clandestinely entered my family home in Oklahoma, my mother and sister's home in Florida, home of close friends, daughter’s car. The intrusion is also done while I am in the shower or sleeping.  They have a key to my home and car.    

3. Gang/organized stalking. The overt gang stalking was short-lived and lasted about 3 weeks. That was an attempt to discredit me when they realized I was photographing their operatives. 

4. Base operation. I am not sure of the location of the base operation but I am certain several perpetrators live in the same building I live.  The possibility of a substation in the apartment building is very likely.

5. Directed Energy Weapons. I have been perpetually targeted with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) in my apartment, my friend’s apartment, on my boat and on the road.

6. Temporary physiological problems. I suffered from a variety of physiological problems that any physicians would consider being part of the body’s natural degradation.  I experienced the following ailments: 
a.   Two extremes of induced diarrhea and constipation.
b.   Persistent anxiety
c.   Abdominal pains
d.   Occasional excessive urination
e.   Unexplained headaches
f.    Eyesight deterioration
g.   Mosquito stings sensation on the body producing an itching sensation
h.   Wild legs jerking while in bed giving a feeling of restless leg syndrome.
i.     Sudden Heart palpitation while sleeping or in a relaxed mode. On several occasions, the palpitation caused my heart to skip a beat. They have been attempting to remotely give me a heart attack for a long time
j.    Burning sensation of the skin, bottom of my feet, and internal organs. The internal burning mostly occurs near the areas of the stomach, the pancreas, the heart (more than any other area), and the kidneys, etc.
k.   Sudden extremely high body heat while sleeping.  This can be fatal if the body temperature is elevated above a safe level.
l.     I have felt vibrations of my chest cavity, my eyes, glands, and other parts of the body.
m. Drop dead fatigue after passing through a chemically contaminated area and high radiation exposure. This sometimes occurs subsequent to a helicopter over flight.
n.   High level of potassium in the blood after being exposed to a high dose of chemicals and radiations.

11. Misdiagnose of Mental illnesses. Forced into a mental hospital, diagnosed with delusional disorder and forced into medical retirement

12. Questionable Lab Results. Although my biological system was under tremendous stress due to chemicals and electromagnetic waves and radiation, my lab results are always within range. My suspicions have always been that the DGSE accessed the Lab Company’s database and tempered with the results.

13. The phone call. I met a very nice couple at the Vancouver Airport. They invited me to join them at their Airlines VIP lounge. As an attorney, the lady gave me free legal advice after having met me only 15 minutes earlier. They gave me their business cards, a book to read, and asked me to stay in touch with them. By the time I got off the plane at Dulles Airport and attempted to thank them for the book and say goodbye, they received "the phone call" and looked terrified and did not even want to shake my hand to say goodbye. I then remembered seeing the government looking moron trying to keep an eye on me as I was boarding the plane. Another time, I went to visit a family friend of at least 18 years. Their house is where I was always welcomed. If the door is open, I merely need to let my presence known and enter. It is a house where on many occasions, I played dominoes, cards, ate many dinners, and slept when I visited. I am the godfather to their daughter.  When I went for a visit in December 2006, he was not home, but his wife received "the phone call." She looked terrified and disappeared into the bedroom where she remained for 5 minutes.  That was very abnormal.  Her husband, an army colleague and friend, who always made time to meet me for a drink, abruptly stopped calling. I figured immediately I was being isolated.

15. Blacklisted. Although fully qualified with specialized skills, I was refused employment with a couple of federal agencies.

16. Attempts to make me destitute. Something was done with the Defense Accounting System to cause me to miss several retirement checks. I have no idea what exactly was done. The situation was eventually rectified. 

17. Incarceration Attempts. I remember a time when the police pulled me over for a traffic infraction. Rather than coming over to my car to ask me the routine questions, the officer remained in his squad car and began to insult me on the PA system. When I ignored him he just drove away. Another time, I could not sleep because of all the chemicals that were sprayed in the apartment. At 0300 hours, I went for a ride and saw someone following me. I changed lane, but he mirrored my moves. A little later, the police pulled me over. This time the police came to the car and asked the routine questions and told me that I was weaving all over the roads. I briefly explained to him the reasons why I was changing lanes. This officer was probably not in their stalking network. He apparently believed my explanation and he mentioned that it was a fireman who called the department and gave my car's description and told the station that I was swerving all over the road. A FIREMAN!!!

18. Electronic monitoring. I have been the subject of a very intense electronic monitoring apparatus. They constantly monitor my phones, computers, email addresses, bank accounts, credit cards etc. A bug was placed on my laptop computer as I was charging it at a public cafe with no wireless access. They were able to access my computer through the electrical outlet. Other times, they accessed my laptop computer while I was using the computer on battery power only and not even on the Internet. I normally disable the communication hardware on all my laptop computers. So your computer does not have to be connected on the Internet to be vulnerable.

19. Targeted with microwave radar. Through walls microwave radar and electronic torture. Most of the time, I only get radiated when I am alone in the living room. Other times, if someone else is in the living room with me, I am not radiated. Therefore, they know exactly when I am alone in a certain room.

20. Missing items. Family's passports and other items came up missing.

21. The zapping and Zing. I feel a constant zing and zap of the body with Low Frequency Infrasound (LFI), electromagnetic waves, and pulses.

22. Subliminal license plates. License plates with a subliminal message: "ZIIIING". However, this could very well be a coincidence.

24. Divergence of responsibility. Something is always done to remove responsibility from the true culprits and place it on a US Government agency. That way the victim will think that he/she happens to be the subject of a bona fide US Government investigation.

25. Isolation. Old friends do not return phone calls and broke contact. Others awkwardly turned away upon seeing me in the metro.

26. Silence of Authority.  Letters to Congress met with silence.

“Life’s obstacles are no match for the will of the human spirits.” Byrd Baggett


  1. Yes, it is a silent genocide, but most people are mind controlled by this grid and do not know how bad it is. Is it a recent innovation? Or is it something that is as old as human history itself?

  2. A very comprehensive list and so easy to read. Covered most of the points. I am a South African victim who got targed in Cape Town by a digital communications agency, Liro Satanic Marketing (fake name)

    Its a case of insurance fraud, there is no evidence of the company being able to make financial ends meet other than to turn to systematic murder of employees. Not even real employees because they place fake job adverts with the intent of firing the person months into the job.

    Then apply the full works, energy attacks and gangs stalking. Employee might probably die in only a few years, company rakes the money from insurance.