Modus Operandi (MO) of this EMR / Microwave Radiation warfare

The Modus Operandi (MO) used to target me with radioactive chemicals, EMR/Microwave Radiation, LFI, and RDD:

The goal of the operation is to completely neutralize the targeted victim.  As I mentioned before, the MO of this operation is to engulf the victim in a sea of radiation to eventually cause death.  I doubt perpetrators are trying to either drive someone crazy or homeless. It is my belief that the ultimate end of this torture is death.  Meanwhile intermediate success is the occurrence of any of the following events in the victim’s life:
  • Becoming non-employable,
  • Being diagnosed of a mental disorder, 
  • Being admitted in a mental institution,
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Becoming destitute and homeless,
  • Incarceration
  • Or anything that can instill chaos in the life of the victim

The MO to that end consists of a variety of procedures to attack the body with chemicals, EMR, LFI, RDD, and microwave technologies.  The most important thing I noticed is that for the EMR or LFI to be effective there is always the necessity for these technologies to interact with something within the targeted body.  This is where the introduction of radioactive chemicals or a physical implant becomes necessary.  In my case, the chemicals are clandestinely applied/released to everything I plan to consume or touch.  They are also released in closed quarters such as at home, in the car, inside a confined place where they expect me to enter or pass through. In addition to a confined place, the chemicals are also released outdoors, but in a well-defined location.  Then the perpetual EMR, LFI, and microwave harassment can continue regardless of where I may be located, in the apartment / house, on the roads while driving, from helicopters, and with the use of computers.

Although I have never seen a radiological dispersal device (RDD) but based on my observation, I am almost certain the RDD comes in all shapes and sizes.  The RDD fits in any vehicle as well as being small enough to fit in a lady's pocketbook.  The techniques and frequencies used may always vary and depend on the ailment they wish to inflict upon the victim. Sometimes, I would feel the waves like body blows, other times the radiation would target a particular location in my body.  They always aim the waves and radiations at life sustaining organs and glands like the heart, kidneys, pancreas, prostate, thyroids, etc. 

The microwave radiation and electromagnetic waves, pulses, and radiations have targeted me mostly in the following manner:

A.  Chemicals use. 

If you are a target, you better believe they are using some sort of radioactive chemicals to complement the use of LFI, EMR, and microwave radiation.  I say it is a radioactive chemical because my body reacts to the chemical similarly to the waves, pulses, and radiation.  The chemicals are released in closed quarters (home, stores, restaurants, libraries etc.) but also in a well-defined location (choke point, bridges, short span of bike trail, next to where your car is parked, elevators or in front of the elevator, etc.) where they anticipate the targeted victim will be or pass through.  You might wonder why the chemicals do not bother or affect others. Well it is probably because they have no implants inside them and also because the chemicals are plentiful in nature and the human body.  Do not despair, though I do not know how long it is, but the chemicals must have a half-life and sooner or later they will dissipate.  This, I think is exactly why they have to maintain the victim’s body immersed in an incessant sea of chemicals and radiation.

B. At home.

When I am at home, I am subjected to a series of through-the-wall assaults. On many occasions the radiations come through the floor. I am certain they have acquired several apartments in the same building where I live. They constantly target me while I am at the computer. On several occasions the chemicals are pushed into my apartment through the vent system to induce deep sleep. Someone would clandestinely enter my apartment to release the chemicals everywhere to everything I might touch.  They have at a minimum applied the chemicals or radiation on:

  • All personal items: books, phones, computers and peripherals
  • All articles of clothing and inside my shoes
  • The bed and bed linen, pillows, towels, etc.
  • Mixed in with my body lotion and liquid soap
  • Provisions and water supply
  • Inside washer and dryer
  • On furniture, table and counter tops etc.
  • On the floor

There is always a desire to release a kind of radiation while I am standing up with my feet firmly on the ground or floor.  I would feel a subtle buzz or a soft vibration while taking a shower. It feels like an electrical current is vibrating the bathtub under my feet. I would feel the same vibration and or burning sensation under my feet as soon as I stand up after being horizontal for a long while.  This would happen when I wake up at night to use the restroom or in the morning and after being seated for a long time. Moreover while taking a shower if the water burns your eyes like sea water, then something was done to your home water supply.  The soft water with which you shower should not burn your eyes.  There are times the water burns my eyes so much I could hardly keep my eyes open.

LCD/HD Flat Screen TV.  We all know that microwave technology is used in the transmission of radio and TV signals. I do not know how it is being done, but be aware that they have developed means to harness this technology to intensify the radiation towards a targeted victim while watching or in front of the TV.  I remember as I was watching the last world cup, as soon as I turned the TV on, I came down with a Headache and terrible fatigue.  I felt the overwhelming sensation of being engulfed by radiation.  My anxiety and pains subsided as soon as I turned the TV off or moved away from it. 

C. On the roads.

The radiation blasts are sometimes directed at the car's floorboard and pedals. That way, the radiation would enter my body when my feet rest on the floor or the pedals of the car. Based on the observed street MO and the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum, they would fire the waves from much greater distances than radiations. To engage me with EMR, they always try to get fairly close to the vehicle in which I am. I am not aware of RDD’s effective range when the engagement is from a vehicle, but I figured it to be approximately 250 – 300 meters (+/- 50). However the waves’ ranges are basically limitless. They tend to drive slower than the flow of traffic to allow me to get within range of the RDD.  They use the same MO to radiate any restaurants or coffee shops where I'd enter to radiate all food items in the facility. Their aim is for me to eat the radiated food, which later will react with EMR.  The type of radiation used to radiate the food in restaurants or in the car does not react with my body as far as I could tell.

D. Inside my vehicle.

The radioactive chemicals are always applied inside my car or any car that I could use particularly rental and my friend’s car: on the gearshift, the armrest, the steering wheel, the floorboard, and the general air inside the car would be contaminated. Since I drive a friend’s car on occasions, the same thing is being done to her car. It had gotten so bad that I finally decided to stop driving the car altogether. I bought a bicycle to use as a mean of transportation.

E. Public Venues/ Transportation

If I decide to use public transportation they would use a variety of handbags, shoulder bags, and backpacks that contain the RDD.  The RDD is also used when I am in a large public area such as malls shopping centers, restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops and any enclosed areas such as a subterranean center. They have used these bags on me in the metro, busses, etc.  Although they prefer to release the chemicals in enclosed spaces, but the chemicals are also released along roads and trails where they anticipate me to pass. They released chemicals on: short section of bicycle paths, and the aforementioned locations.

F. Floor space areas.

At times a particular portion of floors would be radiated in anticipation I would stand, walk, or just rest my feet there for a while. Most of the time it is an indoor floor space area of a business where they expect me to go. However, a section of the bike trail was radiated in anticipation that I would walk there. I am not sure how long the feet must be in contact with the floor for the radiation to take effect. Invariably, my feet would begin to feel very warm and sometimes even uncomfortably hot. Imagine the span of time we stand at a cashier lane and in the aisle of our favorite items in a department store. Several victims report a common tactic. A string of those criminals would rush to the cash register right before the victims. In addition to harassment, I am almost certain that this is probably a plot to keep the victim at a certain location longer than usual to give the radiation time to enter his/her body via their feet. What about when we go to a public Internet café? Well they have applied radiation under the table where my feet would rest while using the computer.  In my experience, they have applied some sort of radiation on floors at the following locations:

  • The cashier lane at a specific store, e.g., grocery store
  • The electronic aisle of a department store
  • The floor space under the computer terminal in an Internet café
  • Underground shopping malls.
  • The aisle of a library or bookstore holding my favorite books
  • In front of the elevators in a building I regularly frequent.
  • A section of a bike trail.

G. While On my boat.

When I am on my boat on the Chesapeake Bay, they shoot electromagnetic waves from other boats at a distance or from vehicles on nearby roads. When they need to radiate me on the boat, they have used small underwater crafts (little submarines) to get under my boat in order to radiate my body and everything else onboard. Once they even tried to capsize my boat by pushing the boat up from under the water.  This is not far fetch believe you me. 

H. Grocery shopping.

When I go grocery shopping, the groceries are radiated as soon as they are purchased. A vehicle would get close enough to the one I am in and fire a burst of EMR or microwave radiation. Since men are creatures of habit, they would precede me to my favorite grocery store and radiate the whole place before I get there.  By the time I reach my destination the groceries are unusable to me, because if I eat that food, the radiated food would cause my body to get extremely hot. The situation is the same if I purchase any food at the drive through. I do not feel any interaction with the radiation used to radiate the food, (no zing, zap or burning).

I. Aboard airplanes.

They have radiated me aboard airplanes as well. This means that the portable contraption must be benign enough not to raise suspicions when going through airport security. On the other hand, they may have TSA agents in their pockets or their payroll who look the other way. Or it could also mean that they have government badges to allow them free passage in the event TSA asked certain pointed questions.

J. Food Sources.

At the beginning, they radiated my food and water supply at home. When I discovered I decided to no longer eat at home. Later they reverted to radiate the location of my food from a distance. Apparently, this is exceptionally important for them to radiate the food or anything I plan to eat or drink. They - have been deliberately radiating food in restaurants, food courts, and coffee shops they expect me to enter. When I eat radiated food the temperature of my body would immediately spike much higher than normal. I would feel the heat emanating from within my entire body and would break into sweats. Basically, the radiation campaign on my body is applied via several fashions or layers. They always aim to get near me with a bag containing the RDD. If I had already picked up my food, the carrier would either take a seat near me or just pass about a few feet from where I am seated. Therefore, the food is being radiated as I am eating it. On the other hand they have preceded me into food courts or prêt-a-manger restaurants with either a large suitcase, smaller backpack, or shoulder bags and just stood or pass within range of the food in the building.  Who would suspect anyone perusing the food counters or trying to ascertain what to buy for lunch?

K. Helicopters.

Some victims doubt the demented low life imbeciles are using helicopters. Well I have news for them. They adapt to what is normal in the area of operation.  If you live in an area where helicopter usage is normal, then expect them to use that medium to either rain chemicals on your route or maybe to radiate you from above.  I live in the Washington DC metro area where there is constant military, police and other agencies’ helicopter traffics.  They have used helicopters on me with almost the same intensity as road vehicles. The helicopters were used multiple times daily to release chemicals over my anticipated routes. They regularly fly over my apartments, over friends’ residences where I would visit, and everywhere in the Washington DC area. For example, if they see me trying to cross a certain choke point like a bridge, they would rush to that location to release chemicals. On a few occasions, the helicopters flew over the White House in order to drop chemicals on me. These incidences left me very puzzled because the air space over the White House is supposed to be restricted and is a no-fly zone. On the eve of the presidential inauguration [Jan. 19, 2009], I was in front of the White House observing the festivities and President elect Obama was supposed to be at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial. A helicopter flew aggressively over the entire area, all the way up to the White House releasing chemicals that I distinctly felt. Another time, not more than a minute before the President’s helicopters landed on the White House Lawn, a blue and white helicopter flew directly over the White House to drop chemicals on me.

L.  Computers.   

1.   Computer Accessed via Power Grid.  Technology is a very useful tool to both good and bad guys. I suggest that all victims develop a basic understanding of computers.  The technology to remotely access computers or anything electronic has existed for a very long time.

a)   It is common knowledge that once a computer is on the Internet (wireless or wired) it is not secure and it can be penetrated. What most people do not realize is the fact that perpetrators have the capability to access computers and all electronic items via the electrical outlet where it is plugged. I would like to bring to your attention a scene in the movie, Mission Impossible 3. It is the scene where a man was using a special computer software in a van outside of the prison to remotely open and close cell doors inside the prison.  This is the kind of technology that is being used against victims of this genocide.  This means that the firewall or antivirus software is immaterial to them. With this in mind if your computer is plugged into an electrical outlet at home, they have access and are monitoring it around the clock.  They can do whatever they want on it, like installing tracking software or changing your files.  There is nothing you can do about it. 

b)   If you have a laptop computer, do not ever plug it at home and keep 100% positive control over it.  The same software used on your home computer can be used to locate your laptop computer over the electrical grid at a coffee shop, a library or anywhere else.  I witnessed a moron trying to locate my laptop over the electrical grid as I was charging it at a hotel lobby.  I saw him pulling it up but since the hard drive was not inserted, he was not able to manipulate or see anything, but the outline of a computer.  The idiot did not see me standing over his shoulder. 

c)   If you frequent an Internet café, a coffee shop just to use your computer, a public or a university library they will target you with radiation software several ways. 
    • The software can be installed on the library’s network and activated when they know you are on site and near the computers.
    • The other way is to have someone entering the locale with a computer that already contains a radiation software on it and activate it to radiate your body. 
d)   Pay close attention to when your computer is booting up. If you notice a message on the screen updating the registry followed by windows phased updates, your computer was accessed and spyware was installed on it.  If possible reformat or change your hard drive.  However remember they will not stop and will find another way to access your computer. You have to be very vigilant.  You are probably asking how do I expect you to charge your laptop. You need your own private power plant, which you drive everyday, if you have a vehicle.  Invest in a battery inverter from DC to AC to charge your computer. 

2.   Storage and entertainment Media.  Like the computer any storage media plugged into the home computer is compromised. The technology being used to radiate you are sounds and waves that can be digitized to be placed on any computer and storage media.

a)   Treat all storage media such as thumb drives and portable hard drives the same way you treat cash and your laptop computer (100% positive control). Do not leave them unattended.  Make sure you know the content of your hard drive.  I discovered these two files on my computer while I was in Algiers.  This was very elementary attempt to remotely access my computer.  When I double click on the cab file it brought up the file explorer folder, which allows anyone to remotely view the content of my hard drive. 

  • ff174a36-97ab-4076-bd8a-8b059ed5e300.xml

b)   iPod.  Victims with an iPod should be aware that the iTunes music folder on your computer does not have a physical jpeg file depicting a picture of your album art.  The album art you see while listening to that particular album is really a batch file.  If you are able to see a picture as a jpeg file of a particular album /CD cover somewhere in your music directory, it is a spy-ware.  You need to remove it.  I have discovered the following files of pictures of album covers of the corresponding music already in my music folder:

    • AlbumArt_{0B8DBF0E-9724-4D23-8AC9-C2D76BEC51E6}_Small
    • AlbumArt_{0B8DBF0E-9724-4D23-8AC9-C2D76BEC51E6}_Large
    • AlbumArt_{2BCD5E3E-30A8-4ED9-A734-64F23EA3F231}_Large
    • AlbumArt_{2BCD5E3E-30A8-4ED9-A734-64F23EA3F231}_Small
    • Folder

c)   The Bose Lifestyles 38 entertainment system.  The Bose lifestyles entertainment system has the storage capability for many music CDs for future playback.  When the system is on for DVD or CD playback, I distinctly feel the overwhelming feeling of radiation.  I would get better when I switched it off.  My point is this, if they can access everything via the electrical grid, it is very easy to place a file on the Bose system’s hard drive to be activated when the system is switched to on. 

3.   Purpose of the spyware.  With easy access to your computer, the perpetrators are able to place any files on the hard drive.  What could be the purpose of these files?  The genocide is being conducted with sounds and waves.  Both mediums can be digitized to work on any computer hardware and software.  Therefore, the spyware can most likely be used for the following purpose:  
    • To track the victim’s geo-location.  
    • To monitor all of the victim’s digital activities.  Remember they always want to know what you are doing and what you will do next to better plan an ambush for you.
    • And most important to install a wave or radiation file on the computer that can be activated to radiate the victim’s body.
4.   Computer Cameras.  Computer and cell phone cameras can be remotely activated to turn it on in order to ascertain the victim’s location, surrounding, and activities.

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