Charting of a New World Order with Microwave Radiations

Is the French Intelligence Agency (DGSE) part of a secret society’s conspiracy to reduce the global population?

Note:  La Direction Générale pour la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) – (English translation: General directorate for exterior security) – is the French equivalent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

A partly known and unseen entity – hiding behind a mask – is using a technology that is either alien or borderline alien to attack victims with an invisible weapon that leaves no trace.  I came to the realization that the weapons in use are radiological dispersal devices (RDD), electromagnetic radiation (EMR), frequencies, and microwave radiation technologies.  The radiation is used to torture victims around the clock with the ultimate goal to slowly destroy the targeted person.  This radiation torture is not solely physical. The neurological and psychological aspects of the torture ensure a complete destruction of the person’s mental and psychological capacity. Many victims wonder about the logic in using so many resources to target them.  Well, the end justifies the means.  The end is the complete destruction and death of the targeted victims. Success will be accomplished by any means necessary. However, any indication of psychological health deterioration on the part of the victim is a major milestone towards that end. 

The EMR and microwave radiation tortures cause erratic behaviors in victims that do not comprehend the nature of the harassment and the reasons they are being targeted. It is the type of erratic behavior that any so-called “normal” citizen would be quick to attest to the targeted victim’s insanity.  In fact victims are routinely diagnosed with some sort of a Psychotic disorder.  What is the logic to have large numbers of the world population declared insane?  I am not sure, but my guess is as good as any other person’s guess.  Please allow me the luxury to speculate; if you have a segment of the population declared insane, it would be much easier for the so-called protectors of liberty to dispose of the “insane” masses as they wish in the event of a global emergency.  Who could benefit from such an evil plan? I will have to allow readers the opportunity to determine the answer on their own.  

Although there might still be some ongoing adjustment to the modus operandi (MO), I doubt this is still a test.  I truly believe that extended exposure to microwave radiation, EMR, and frequencies eventually will cause damaging health complications in a victim.

Why do most American victims blame the US government? 

Everything about the act of targeting someone with this technology gives it a government façade. While researching the nature of this evil, I discovered a recurring theme. Victims from around the world unanimously blame their respective government for their radiation torture.  In the United States the blame is placed on the US government, intelligence agencies, and military. Subsequent to the 9/11 attacks, it was reported that the US government created a series of interagency fusion centers located throughout the United States.  In addition to intelligence analysts from the intelligence community, these fusion centers are most likely staffed with personnel from the Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Transportation (DOT), first responders such as emergency services and law enforcement agencies. In fact many victims in the United States believe that personnel from these fusion centers are responsible for targeting them.  

Basically victims look for entities they believe would most likely have the capability to develop and conduct such a complex operation.  In addition to the centerpiece technology that is unavailable to the average person, an insane amount of resources is being used to target victims. In addition to the microwave radar that monitors you inside your home, the around the clock electronic surveillance targets computers, smart phones.  This is complemented by an untold amount of personnel and vehicles that follow you everywhere you travel.

Supposedly, the purpose of these centers is to process and investigate counter-terrorism information.  I do not see anything wrong with this.  In fact I think it is a very good idea to have a workable, effective early warning system.  That is – only and only – if members of these centers remain truly loyal to the US Constitution and the protection of innocent civilian lives.  Unfortunately secret fraternities (hence secret societies) with a sinister agenda have infiltrated every level of these agencies.  This infiltration permeates across all local, state, and federal agencies.  It is from the lowest municipal worker to the highest echelon of the federal government. Members of these secret societies within the US government are using their trusted position to further the sinister agenda of a global evil organization by torturing, debilitating, and destroying mankind. 

In addition to a couple of incidences I experienced with the police, there are several situations that puzzle and convince me of the government façade of this torture: 
  1.                        On one instance, the police stopped me for what I thought was a traffic violation.  The officer did not approach my vehicle.  He instead, remained in his vehicle and began to insult me on the PA system by asking me where I learned how to drive, where did I get my license, and where do I think I was driving.  Bystanders who witnessed the incident looked between my car and the police’s squad car.  When the officer realized that I was not falling into his trap, he vacated the area without even leaving his vehicle.
  2.           On another occasion, the police stopped me and told me that a fireman had called the station to report my car and plates number.  The fireman told the police that I was driving erratically.  In both cases, I concluded that someone – in the first responders community – was trying to have me incarcerated.

Moreover there are other reasons victims may lay blame on their government: 

1.    A colossal amount of resources is being used to target victims
·      Around the clock surveillance with multiple foot patrols, airborne and ground vehicles.
·      360 degree electronic monitoring of  telephones, emails, credit cards, microwave radar, etc.

2.    The technology.  The nature of the technology, the techniques, tactics, and procedures being used can easily convince any layperson that only a government, or an intelligence agency has the means to execute such a protracted operation.

3.    Lack of credible Information.  While this torture has been permeating the lives of many victims for three decades or longer, there is a complete blackout of official and credible information dealing with this harassment and torture. I have yet to hear or see a high-level government official willing to go on record to admit the existence of this harassment and to demand an official federal investigation and Congressional Hearing on this matter.

4.    Inability to accept foreign intrusion on the motherland. Considering the technology at play victims may find it hard to believe that a foreign intelligence agency could operate so freely in this country. These facts may cause victims to accuse the US government for the organized stalking and harassment. What if the foreign intelligence agency is in collusion with or is part of secret diabolical societies whose goal is to destroy the human race?  Do I hear you say EVIL, Satan, Lucifer, Illuminati, or whatever the universal nemesis of the human race may be calling itself these days?

Nothing is what it seems. 

Let’s say that most of what you see is not what it seems.  This is particularly true of intelligence operations and the MO being used in this genocide. The secrecy and anonymity part of this MO is exactly the manner intelligence operations are conducted. 

I communicated with a victim who blames Israeli intelligence for his more than 2-decade long torture. In my case, I am absolutely certain the French intelligence agency (DGSE) is responsible. I also believe that the DGSE is more than likely receiving financial support from the Algerian Intelligence Service to target me.  It has been reported that in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the KGB – Russian intelligence – has used this technology against American diplomats while posted in the Russian capital.  The theme here is not just intelligence, but foreign and Possibly domestic intelligence.  Is it feasible for domestic and foreign intelligence agencies to coalesce with secret societies to target American citizens? Why Not?

As I read victims’ stories, many recount at least one instance that I interpret to be an attempt by the perpetrators to displace blame and put it on a legitimate US government entity.  One victim mentioned that perpetrators would mount law enforcement exercises on his route in an attempt to scare him.  This could be as real as it could be a coincidence or just a street theater staged by the perpetrators.  Another victim listed on his website the name and badge number of an FBI agent supposedly working for that agency's special investigative division (SID). I do not know the circumstances in which that information was revealed. It could be as accurate as misleading. I would be very leery at the veracity of any information provided by one of these thugs unless it can be proven having originated at that agency. In what circumstance would the FBI reveal to a victim or alleged suspect that he/she is the subject of a special investigation? It is rather doubtful hat would ever occur.  This is why I believe the culpable party is very busy displacing blame from itself to a US government agency.  If they are displacing blame in the United States, the propensity of the same tactic to occur in another country is high. 

Having said all that, anyone can stage a law enforcement exercise along the route of a targeted victim.  Any mercenary or a US Government employee on the payroll of a secret society bent on perpetrating evil `could have staged or assist in the whole encounter or any street law enforcement exercise. This way all responsibilities would be removed from the culpable parties to a US entity. Victims would assume being the subject of a legitimate US Government operation and blame the government out right.

What would be the purpose of the displacement of responsibility? I suspect the displacement of responsibility is being done for several reasons.  When someone is committing such grievous acts, it would obviously be beneficial to deflect responsibilities. Additionally, if you make a large part of the population believe that their own government is adversely targeting them, this will definitely create some sort of chaotic anti-government movement. Evil is more pervasive amidst chaos. 

Therefore, one (a victim) must refrain from hasty judgment.  Victims should probably keep in mind that “not every observed action is what it seems.” While an individual from the fusion center may be under the belief to be working on behalf of the American people, in reality that person might be on the payroll of a multinational secret society with a sinister agenda.  What then is the purpose for this agenda? Is it to create or instill a new world order?

So is this a new world order? 

Once the targeting of a person is initiated, there is no end to the torture.  There are reports that some victims are targeted for two decades or longer. I do not know if this is a new world order.  Who knows, this world has probably been the order of the day since the dawn of time, but the perpetrators have always managed to mask their true purpose.

Albeit speculative, in an attempt to comprehend this enigma, I have been nursing a litany of questions to which I have few answers. I am taking the liberty to share these questions with anyone who might have a dog in this fight:

1.    Is this really the prelude to establishing a New World order? If so, who is the architect of this order? Most victims in the United States agree that the perpetrators are somewhat linked to a US government apparatus known as fusion centers.  A similar feeling is expressed in other countries where this evil is being perpetrated.  Is it possible that a tool of our homeland security early warning systems has been hijacked and is being used to torture & kill Americans? What is the US Government’s true involvement in all of this? 

2.    Since I pointed an accusatory finger at the DGSE. Does this mean the US Government is not at all involved in my saga? This remains to be seen, because I am puzzled at helicopters that fly directly over the White House (a restricted or no-fly air space) to drop chemicals on me.  Who has the authority to fly directly over the White House without a federal government or US law enforcement affiliation?

3.    Is it a US Government agency? If it is a US Government agency, does this mean a rogue US government agency is trying to silence me? If it is not the U.S. government what entity sanctioned the helicopters to fly over the White House to target me? Were they sanctioned by the DGSE? If so, is the DGSE so well wired in this country to the extent of having access and authority to use the white house airspace literally one minute prior to the landing of the US President’s helicopters?

4.    Is the DGSE using the organized / gang stalking smog to target suspected US intelligence agents in an effort to incapacitate, discredit, and eliminate them?  Is the DGSE also responsible for the other victims’ nightmare?  If so, what is their agenda? How does this agenda relate to conspiracy theorists of secret society’s plan to reduce the world population? What is the DGSE’s connection to secret societies?

5.    This is a very costly global operation. What other countries or powerful group are really financing these expensive sinister ventures? Is this a conspiracy of a very powerful group of nations that may or may not include the United States preparing for a very sinister event?

6.    Where is the oversight the American public expects from Congress?  Is the US government aware of all of this but chose to remain silent because of the magnitude of what is involved.  Is the US government playing the role of a good shepherd by sacrificing a few individuals for the protection of the larger flock? What other governments are doing the same?

     I am ignorant of the role of the US government proper in all of this.  It is very plausible that a US government agency could have briefly used a segment of the American citizenry as guinea pigs to test the bio effects of EMR and microwave radiation on the human body.  There are a lot of reports of secret government experiments on the American public.  You are invited to research the following: COINTELPRO, the Frank Olson murder,

Even though the US government had previously used a segment of the population to clandestinely test certain technologies, does this mean these tests are still occurring?  There is publicly available information that by the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the US government had already completed its research dealing with EMR and microwave technologies.  So what about the victims since the 1980s until 2012? I doubt the US government would be the sole culprit for the torture of millions of people around the globe. This must be coming from somewhere else. 

According to Mr. Robert Mnookin in his book, Bargaining with the devil“an act is evil when it involves the intentional infliction of grievous harm on another human being in circumstances where there is no adequate justification.” I do not see the justification for the extended torture of so many people who have probably done nothing wrong. This is where evil comes into play. This is why there is no doubt in my mind that those who are perpetrating this torture are superlatively being influenced by evil. The misguided perpetrators are using a very advanced technology to prosecute this evil plan. This is most likely the reason for its long success.  

Is this evil earthly or cosmic?  I started my blog with the notion that “the human race is facing a calamity of cosmic proportion.” What other entity but an evil one would take pleasure in decimating the human race or reducing the global population? Regardless of the origin of this evil, the execution of such a plan would not have been possible without the collusion of misguided humans (morons) with a penchant to commit evil acts.

Let’s Connect the Dots

Obviously the goal of this torture is to kill the victims. I would like to reference the video interview of Barrie Trower and the declassified paper released by the United States Army Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM).  According to both data sources the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and INSCOM were both in possession of information that would justify the nature of the threat I was facing.  Nevertheless, the government feigned ignorance and played in the hands of the perpetrators, pushed me out of my job, and forced me into early medical retirement.

I know for a fact that the DGSE – with possible support from the Algerian Intelligence service – is primarily responsible for my radiation torture.   Does this mean the US Government is not at all involved in my saga? This remains to be seen.  I am not aware of the US government involvement in my case.  I am however puzzled at helicopters that fly directly over the White House (a restricted or no-fly air space) to drop chemicals on me.  Who has the authority to fly directly over the White House without a federal government or US law enforcement affiliation? Is it a secret US government organization that is probably under the misguided impression that my elimination would benefit it? Or could it be that members of secret society that have infiltrated the highest level of the US government sanctioned the use of helicopters against me?

Let me make something very clear.  I was very maltreated by the US government and will not engage in any misinformation campaign for their benefit. Despite suspicions of a possible US government involvement in my case, I do not see a concerted government effort attempting to destroy me. I am certain it is the DGSE, either operating alone, with the Algerians, or as part of a powerful global secret society.  So if it is not the US government proper, is it possible for the DGSE to covertly use personnel from the fusion centers to harass, torture, and kill US citizens? If you operate under the supposition that everyone has a price and that some people would do anything especially when they are provided with a get-out-of-jail-free card and immunity from prosecution. This is the best way to give the operation a governmental appearance in order to incite possible antigovernment chaos.

When the operation started against me, I saw it as a foreign intelligence operation perpetrated by the DGSE and the Algerian intelligence services.  I saw the French as the primary perpetrators and the Algerians serving in a supporting role to provide funds.  I doubt the Algerians had the capability and guts to mount such a large operation in this country.  In fact I saw members of the Algerian intelligence services as they were all cooked up in the Residence Inn hotel on Army Navy Drive across the Pentagon, in Arlington, VA.  My impression of their presence is to hold the purse for an ongoing operation being conducted by another entity, most likely the DGSE.  I remember very well when that operation transitioned to a campaign to discredit and assassinate me. At that time I was attending a government class at a secret location in northern Virginia when the operation was turned over to a short stocky (probably about 69” tall) white guy who looked like an overweight former college wrestler.   A black guy who looked every bit like someone who originated from sub Sahara Africa turned the operation over to him.

Later, I learned that everything I experienced was exactly similar to that of victims of organized / gang stalking, electronic harassment, and radiation torture.  Something was strange when you consider the seamless transition from an intelligence operation to a campaign to murder me.  Especially when the MO used against me mirrors exactly the activities of what conspiracy theorists may classify as a page from the book of secret societies.  There was a difference in my case though.  There was without doubt an effort to quickly eliminate me. The operation was executed very quickly.  How much of my experience and that of the other victims are the result of the activities of secret societies?  How true is the conspiracy theorists accusation of secret societies’ plan to reduce the earth population to a manageable number?

What is the French intelligence agency’s involvement in secret societies? By secret societies, there is a need to suppose the existence of a global organization and an organization with competing branches in America and Europe.  The French intelligence agency might be a member to the global society or that of the European branch actively involved in the elimination of the human race.  Conversely, the DGSE’s involvement is probably limited to merely having the knowledge of how to locate and enlist the assistance of a modern hit squad with the assurance of not being implicated. The hit squad is the secret society with the technology and will to implement a sinister agenda. So how is this agenda being implemented?  As previously mentioned, the evildoers are using microwave technology, wireless, electromagnetic radiation, and radioactive chemicals. 

Ubiquitous Wireless Technology

Have you ever wondered about the ubiquitous availability of wireless technology and the increasing desire to install these antennas everywhere possible?  Entertainment systems and computer peripherals are more than before being shipped with the wireless features?  Call it technological advances that are convenient, but it may be another means to debilitate the human body.  Based on my experience, once a body is radioactively sensitized, the person’s degenerated health is greatly exacerbated when in a wireless environment.  I think wireless technology (via frequencies, or microwave) is being harnessed to attack the human body.

One thing that must be recognized is that the entity responsible for the microwave and radiation torture of the human race is not doing it for kicks.  This is a very costly venture. There is a select group of people who thinks that the goal of this radiation torture is to discredit whistle-blowers, individuals who have pissed off their bosses, and even others who became undesirables.  I doubt it very much.  I think this is the prelude to a much more sinister event that we humans may not comprehend.

Was President Bush targeted with some sort of EMR or frequencies?

What happened to President George W. Bush and his entourage at the 2007 G8 summit in Germany?  Mrs. Laura Bush reported in her memoirs that President Bush and several of his aides attending the summit came down with a mysterious illness.  President Bush was so sick he had to cancel half a day’s schedule. The President had what the secret service blame on a stomach virus.  It appeared President Bush had an unexplained bout of diarrhea.   According to the report a military aide to the president lost hearing in one ear and another’s walking gate became distorted. Mrs. Bush feared the possibility that the U.S. delegation may have been poisoned.  The Secret Service discounted that suspicion.

This is how politico quoted Mrs. Laura Bush’s book at this link:

2007 G-8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany: “I arrived and began my events, but by the afternoon of [June] seventh, I could barely stand up. … Over the next day nearly a dozen members of our delegation were stricken, even George, who started to feel sick during an early morning staff briefing. … [O]ne of our military aides had difficulty walking and a White House staffer lost all hearing in one ear. Exceedingly alarmed, the Secret Service went on full alert, combing the resort for potential poisons. In the past year, there had been several high-profile poisonings, including one with suspected nuclear material, in and around Europe. The overriding fear was that terrorists had gotten control of a dangerous substance and planted it at the resort. … [O]ur military aide’s gait has never returned to normal, nor has our senior staffer regained full hearing in that ear. The most concrete conclusion any doctors could reach was that we contracted a virus that attacks a nerve near the inner ear and is prevalent in Heiligendamm.” (pp. 390-1)

Please visit the following sites for further information on Mrs. Laura Bush memoirs:

Basically, the exact nature of what was responsible for the mysterious illness is not public knowledge.  The news report was vague and of course the story faded away fairly quickly.  The symptoms she described to the media (diarrhea, hearing impairment, and distorted balance) closely resemble the same symptoms one may experience when targeted with electromagnetic radiation and frequencies.

When I heard the story, I was knee deep being targeted with EMR and microwave and had already done a lot of research on the bio-effects of EMR on the human body.  The story immediately caught my attention.  I tried to establish a correlation of this incident to my situation. Anyone familiar with EMR harassment or torture would agree that one of the symptoms of this torture is digestive discomfort, diarrhea, and possible hearing degeneration.  Based on my experience being targeted with EMR and microwave radiation – even without proof – I think there is strong correlation between radiation torture and what President Bush-43’s delegation experienced.  

I am in no position to provide empirical proof of the effects of microwave radiations on the human walking gait. Despite the inaudibility of radio waves, radiations, and frequencies, the human ears and subconscious can still register these sounds.  Depending on the length of exposure and the intensity of these inaudible sounds on a human, these sounds can become silent noises.  There is chance that continuous noise can cause damage to the vestibular system.  In humans, equilibrioception or sense of balance is mainly sensed by the detection of acceleration, which occurs in the vestibular system. I experienced an extreme bout of diarrhea on a couple of occasions.  The diarrhea was severe enough to cause me to be admitted in the emergency room and be intravenously re-hydrated with at least 4 IV bags. Other times, I experienced quick bouts of dizziness and imbalance.  Therefore, I hypothesize that it is possible for an intense exposure to radio waves and frequencies to adversely affect someone’s gait. 

So granted there is a good chance President George W. Bush was targeted by secret societies, but why?  I was perplexed at my assumptions.  I think this is because of all the reports claiming that presidents Bush 41 and 43 (father and son) are members of the same secret society.  I think these secret societies have something to do with the global conspiracy to reduce the population of the human race.  Well if this is the case, why would they want to target one of their own? I was unable to find any good reason for my assumptions.  Did Bush do or say something that his secret society benefactors found to be incriminating? It could be because of his bungled reactions subsequent to the 9/11 attacks.  He said he saw the first plane hit the world trade center (WTC), but the world remember that the president was inside a classroom reading to children when he was whispered the news of a terrorist attack by his chief of staff.  Later he made the mention of placement of bombs at the WTC. 

If they targeted the president, this could have been an attempt to slap him on the hands for his bungled response and actions after 9/11 and for hinting that maybe the terrorist acts of  9/11 could have been a conspiracy.  Imagine the president of the United States hinting that the most atrocious terrorist act on the main land could be the work of a shadow world government trying to eliminate the human race.  How much more credibility can we get? Is my analogy right?  I do not know that.  Is it feasible that I might be onto something? I do not know that either, but I will let you be the judge by viewing the following You-Tube videos by clicking on the links below.  You may have a different perspective:

If president Bush was targeted, one needs to ask another question.  Was this the first time a US president was targeted in the recent past with inconclusive determination of the real culprits?  Let’s go back to the most recent case of a president that was assassinated in America, President John F. Kennedy (JFK).  Despite all the smoke screens, the magic bullet, all attempts of cover up, by now it should not surprise anyone if it is discovered that the assassination of JFK was the result of a conspiracy. I have been to the 6th floor museum in Dallas and looked from the window Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly peaked out to fire the fatal shots that killed Kennedy.  I immediately concluded that this would have been an extremely very difficult position to release one even less 2 to 3 accurate shots and hit a moving target.  I am no expert, but I only fired my M-16 automatic rifle from several different positions for several years while I was in the US Army.  This does not qualify me as an expert

Unfortunately, we lay people cannot prove it and no one is coming forward with credible information. Who really killed Kennedy and why? I stumbled upon a video clip that made me ponder. It was a speech Kennedy gave denouncing the existence of secret societies and the dangers we face when we allow them to secretly manipulate everything behind the scene.  This speech probably sealed the president’s fate. Please click on the link below and follow it to you-tube, watch, listen, and question yourself.  While you are at it question yourself whether or not Martin Luther king was assassinated by the US government proper or the same shadow government because he spoke of secret societies.  Please click below:

JFK and Martin Luther King speak on secret societies followed by Congressman Ron Paul on the US escapades around the world.

Let’s revisit 9/11 – Is a secret society attacking the United States?

Let’s briefly take a look at the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  All you need is Google and you will be introduced to a series of possible theories of what possibly occurred on that day.  Most of us who have witnessed the implosion of a building would agree that the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers fell as if they imploded. What happened to building 7 of the WTC?  By now it is common knowledge that two planes hit the two towers.  What caused tower 7 to fall without being touched by an airplane? A video clip showed the implosion of tower 7. If you ask me I’d say that this is suspect, but I am nobody.  Look here at the implosion of tower 7:

What about the Pentagon?  According to the official report, terrorists crashed a plane on the Pentagon.  This is questionable, because apparently, no plane wreckage was discovered at the crash site.  Despite the fact that the wreckage fit the description of something as small as a drone or a missile, the crash site on the side of the building depicted a hole that was more fitting of something much smaller than a passenger airline.  The absence of plane wreckage leaves ample room for speculation.  There are reports that it was a missile that hit the building.  So what was used to target the building? Moreover, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, was it really due to passengers’ heroic actions? There are reports that the plane could have been brought down with a very powerful electromagnetic beam that possibly targeted the onboard avionics.  This was probably done to stop the terrorists from crashing that plane into the Capitol building or the white house. 

I do not know and will not even attempt to speculate.  America and its western allies accused Ben Laden and launched a concerted war against his terrorist group, Al-Qaida.  The question one needs to ask is this.  Were Bin Laden and Al Qaida the sole culprits?  Is it possible that a secret entity (secret society) proposed to Bin Laden the idea of attacking key targets in US with airplanes in order to destroy our way of life? Is it possible that being aware of the terrorist plan, the same secret entity installed bombs around the buildings in order to implode them?

Let’s suppose for one instance that Al-Qaida was not the sole culprit, what other entity could have had an interest in the destruction of America?  It is no secret that Wall Street (located at the WTC) plays a major role in what sustains America as a world economic power.  If Al Qaida was not the sole culprit, what other organized entity helped the terrorist group?  Is it possible that a secret society organization has colluded with a terrorist group to attack the United States and the free world?  Why would this secret society organization want to destroy the heartbeat of this country?  This warrants further investigation.

Considering the 9/11 attacks analogy and the probable attack on President Bush and his entourage, is America being targeted by an unknown (secret) entity?   I know skeptics would be quick to point out that many other countries were victims when the world trade centers (twin towers) collapsed.  Is it possible that not just the United States was targeted?  Maybe the whole world is the target.  When an entity decides to attack the core of America’s strength in this case the US stock market, obviously the goal was to diminish our economy. We were all targeted, but by what or whom and for what purpose?

Correlation to Chemtrails

Helicopters routinely target me with chemicals.  They would fly over my boat, apartment building, and the route they expect me to travel in order to release radioactive chemicals. Regardless of the platform used to dispense the chemicals, I believe the chemicals are used to enhance the effects of electromagnetic radiation, frequencies, and microwave radiation to target the human body. What is the correlation between the ubiquitous Chemtrails in the atmosphere and helicopters that are dropping chemicals?  There are reports that these chemtrails are really chemicals that are being dropped on the population on a massive scale.  Some even accuse the government of slowly poisoning the population.  However, there are also those who discount this to be the conspiracy theory of a small group of people with an over active imagination.  But for a moment, let us consider the plausibility of the chemtrails being used for an upcoming sinister event. If perpetrators use chemicals from helicopters on one person (me), why would they not use chemicals on a much larger scale by targeting entire cities and regions? 

There are reports that wireless towers are being used to target Americans. With the proliferation of wireless cell towers, and microwave television antennas, and the attempt to make everything wireless, it is possible the chemtrails are being used to prep our bodies for an ultimate sinister event to occur at an opportune time.  Could this be true?  I think the human body is a fine tuned machine that is maintained by a balance of different chemicals and electrolytes.  Any discrepancy or excess of these good chemicals and electrolytes could be fatal. For example, an excess of or lack of potassium, sodium, or sugars can possibly send the human body into shock and its eventual death. In 1996 a soldier attending the US Army basic training died mysteriously.  It was reported that in an attempt to remain hydrated while performing high impact activities in the summer heat, he consumed too much water.  He managed to wash his body out of the necessary electrolytes.  I became certain that wireless technology is being used to target the body.  When I moved out of the condo to live on my boat, out of the blue, the marina immediately installed a wireless network and the antenna was placed merely a few feet away from my boat. Because of that, the radiation is more intense at the marina.

An aircraft mechanic from somewhere in the US reported that while inspecting an aircraft, he discovered a hidden contraption that is supposed to spray something while in flight.  Please check the links below for more information.

Mind reading and mind control

There are a lot of reports dealing with mind reading and mind control.  I do not want to tell anyone that a secret organization is covertly reading his or her mind. However I believe if you are at the receiving end of this electromagnetic radiation torture, it behooves you the victim to research the feasibility of such capability.  Read the report on the capability to intercept or capture brain waves with a super computer.  Dr. Judy Wall of the Bio electromagnetics Special Interest Group published a report that can be located at the following links:

The first thing to do is to develop a very good understand of your body in order to know exactly when you are exposed to any sort of radiation or radioactive chemicals Once you arm yourself with this information, remember to plan a particular day of activities without uttering a word to anyone.  When you arrive at your respective destinations, check to see if anyone of your destinations has been polluted in anticipation of your arrival.  If they were going to lay an ambush for you it would be in the form of either radioactive chemicals of an area or a section of the floor where they expect you to either walk, or stand. Evaluate the state of your feet to ascertain whether or not they are getting any hotter than usual. It could also be in the form of radiating the food you are about to eat if you are going to a restaurant. 

~~~ More to follow on Mind control ~~~


  1. My name is Nena earners 7034072196. I have been a victim for over two years and I have scientifically documented my situation. No government entity has ever responded or returned my phonecards. I have scoured the internet and although many claim to suffer very few describe anything with accuracy or seen to suffer from a mental illness not associated with voice to skull....microwave hearing....Frey effect. I would love to speak to anyone with a similar experience. I believe what I have to offer will astonish the world and help solve this mystery but I cannot do it alone.

  2. My husband believes he is being tortured in this manner also. He suffers tremendously with numerous ailments. He has been told he is bi-polar, schizophrenic, has psycho effective disorder etc. Beginning in 2004, he has been suffering from tinnitus, stomach problems, sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, paranoia and numerous other symptoms. Since the onslaught his condition has worsened. No doctor will accept his belief that this is electromagnetic or radio wave based. His suffering has debilitated him to the point of unemployment and loss of all joy and happiness in life. His life has been taken without knowing why or who is doing this. He is a Navy Reserve veteran and has worked hard all his life to be self sustaining until this debilitating event started. Unable to work and basically think clearly has ruined all chances of having a normal life. We have sought medical and psychological help with no success. All the doctors want him to take strong psychological medications which have none or adverse effects. Even over the counter medications have negative effects on him since the onslaught of this. His sleep deprivation can get so bad he hallucinates from the loss of rest. Body aches and headaches are so bad he is sometimes writhing in pain. No medication helps. No help has been found as of now. Devastatingly, millions of people all over the world are victims of this horrible torture. Where does one go for help?

  3. My life is in grave danger in Zambia.
    I'm a victim of Torture, Impunity, Assassination attempts, Falsehood, and Gross Human Rights Violations.
    These Atrocities and Heinous crimes against me are being perpetuated by the Zambia intelligence and Security services in complicit with some Military and police personnel.
    Their weapons of choice against me include: Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR); Biological,Chemical,and Psychological weapons.
    The Zambia intelligence,has an hidden agenda of ultimately taking over the reigns of power in Zambia. Thus, anyone, including Presidents, who interferes with its hidden agenda becomes an enemy of the state (Intelligence) and a Targeted Individual.
    I have damaging information about the Zambia intelligence and have always spoken against it Culture of Falsehood, Impunity, Human Rights Abuses, Torture and Assassinations . Hence being a Targeted Individual, 24/7 Surveillance and tortured with EMR, with intent to completely destroy my body and ultimately kill me.
    I'm not the only victim of the Zambian intelligence. Some victims, including two Presidents,have died without knowing what had hit them; Some are paralyzed, sick ,suffering and just waiting for death; I'm being tortured 24/7, sick, suffering and surviving by the grace of god - knowing too well that the Zambia intelligence and its collaborators is behind my plight.
    I have irrefutable evidence to prove the criminal activities being committed by the Zambia intelligence.
    This is a credible National Alert requiring immediate decisive action from both National and international communities.
    The United Nations Committee Against Torture,OMCT, and other Human Rights Organizations are called upon to come and help in stopping the Human Rights abuses being committed against innocent people in Zambia by the Zambia intelligence and its collaborators.
    Please Help !!!

  4. Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

    My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i'm being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment.

    Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,