Letter to the French Ambassador to the United States

This is a letter I emailed to the French Embassy using the email addresses of the defense cooperation office and the embassy’s press secretary. This letter is a summary of the information on the entire blog.

Mr. Pierre Vimont
Ambassador of France to the United States
4101 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Mr. Ambassador,

1. There are no seats at the table of the league of civilized nations for any country engaged in the torture and assassination of members of another country’s diplomatic staff. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the despicable acts your intelligence agency is perpetrating against me.  I do not know who is responsible for the other victims' torture, but I am absolutely certain la Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) is responsible for mine. What makes this so jaw dropping is the fact that when the DGSE tried to kill me I was assigned at the US embassy – a diplomatic post – in Algiers.

2. I discovered being the target of the malevolence of the DGSE in April of 2006. At that time, as a US Army officer, I was temporarily assigned at the US Embassy in Algiers, Algeria. Three days after I landed in Algiers, certainly under the watchful eyes of the Algerian intelligence service, the DGSE introduced a bio-chemical compound into my eye drop container. Subsequent to the use of the eye drop and an incubation period of nearly five months, the chemical compound began to manifest its presence in my head with excruciating pains localized at the base of my brain. The chemical compound then threw my body for a loop and caused me to suffer several heart attacks during a 2-week period that was followed by a series of unexplained physiological ailments.

3. At the time of the assault on my life, I was assigned as a legitimate officer at the US Embassy, under the full protection of the 1961 Vienna Convention. This is the most flagrant violation in International Relations. This incident deserves your attention if you are a true diplomat, the attention of your political leaders, and without doubt the attention of the French citizenry. This incident is not without precedence and therefore should concern everyone around the world. I guarantee you one thing Mr. Ambassador; this situation will be elevated to the attention of a world body.

4. I am certain of the complicity of the Algerian intelligence service, because I saw them as part of a Franco-Algerian intelligence team conducting surveillance on me in Algiers and later in the Washington DC area. I think the DGSE has been trying to murder me since 2005 while I lived in Silver Spring, MD. It could however have even before that time. If this is really the case, I must have been targeted as a result of my prior posting overseas. In this case this means that the DGSE has been targeting embassy based and non-embassy based official US military and civilian personnel for assassination. The weapon of choice is possibly a combination of radioactive bio-chemicals with Low Frequency Infrasound (LFI), but undoubtedly it is with electromagnetic radiation. The DGSE tried to kill me in Algiers under the watchful eyes of the Algerian intelligence services, but failed. Imagine an intelligence agency trying to assassinate a member of the diplomatic corps. Since by the grace of our Lord Jehovah, I survived, now they are trying to silence me. So The DGSE has been trying to murder me at the behest of the Algerian Intelligence Agency, hence the Algerian government.

5. To attain this aim, each act of the DGSE fits deliberately and systematically to a puzzling campaign of psychological and physical torture on my being. The goal of this psychological and physical torture is to completely neutralize me. Using the Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures that supposedly will yield no trace of their murderous acts; the DGSE has been clandestinely using a combination of the following concoctions and technology:

a.   Bio-chemical agents / compound, and radioactive chemicals
b.   Low Frequency Infrasound (LFI)
c.   Electromagnetic waves
d.   Electromagnetic pulses
e.   Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)
f.    Microwave radiation and Microwave radar

6. The ultimate goal of this evil operation is death that any medical examiner would deem is of natural causes. However, based on my experience and according to reports from other victims, the DGSE will probably be satisfied with the accomplishment of one or more of the following situations in the life of the targeted individual:

a.   Isolation from friends and family
b.   Discharge from employment & the inability to locate and hold employment
c.   No source of income, state of destitution, and homelessness
d.   Insolvency, trouble with the law, and Incarceration
e.   Complete paranoia and insanity
f.    Suicidal and homicidal tendencies and actions
g.   Diagnosis of a psychotic disorder
h.   Admittance to a mental institution

7. As a result of a complete inundation of my being with these chemicals, LFI, pulses, waves, and radiation of my being, I was inflicted with - but not limited to - the following ailments:

a.   Extreme Sinusitis with large polyps in my sinus cavities
b.   Nodules in my lungs and brain meningioma
c.   Pancreatitis and severe Prostatitis
d.   Adrenal insufficiency and diminished renal functions
e.   Overheating and burning of the skin and body
f.    Diagnosed with the stomach bacteria of Helicobacter Pylori
g.   Attempts to cause multiple heart attacks.
h.   Attempts to induce Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)

8. I reported the DGSE’s super illegal activities to my incredulous superiors. Unfortunately, they referred me to three psychiatrists, hung a delusional disorder diagnosis around my neck, revoked my eligibility to access classified information, threw me in the psychiatric ward at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for 30 days, forced me into early military medical retirement, and removed me from my civilian employment. Such actions played directly in the hands of the DGSE whose main goal has been to discredit anyone reporting their activities. This way, the reporter appears to be a lunatic and the DGSE is assured that anyone in a position to take action will disregard the reported information. Thanks to my Creator, my Lord Jehovah, I am absolutely certain the DGSE will never succeed in killing me and I will never commit suicide. So short of death, the DGSE will settle to neutralize me out of society by causing me to lose my civilian and military careers, which have already occurred. Well Mr. Ambassador, I decided to report this to you, not as a cry for help, but to inform you of the evil acts of your intelligence agency. Maybe you are not aware of the DGSE’s escapades in an effort to allow you with plausible deniability. Keep in mind that when the DGSE attempted to kill me, I was posted at a US diplomatic post.

9. The MO the DGSE is using in its incessant futile attempts to eliminate me parallel what other victims report being used against them. I believe the DGSE has been using a segment of the US population - and possibly others from other countries - as unwitting guinea pigs to test, adjust, improve, and deploy its electromagnetic radiation technology. This is a grave violation of our universal rights and possibly of the 1972 chemical warfare convention. Although the chemicals in use might not be listed on the 1972 convention, but I am certain your DGSE morons have been using some types of radioactive chemicals as implant in my body that later react with microwave radiation and EMR. If the DGSE is using such bio/radioactive chemicals on me, they must be using it on the other victims as well.

10. I do not know when the DGSE first embarked on its deliberate, idiotic, reckless, moronic, ill-advised, ill-conceived, and xenophobic plan to assassinate me. Maybe it was in 2003 in East Africa. It could have been in 2005 in my apartment in Silver Spring, MD, but I discovered their malevolence for certain in 2006 in Algiers. I am now convinced the DGSE - financed with Algerian funds - had embarked on a bold plan to assassinate me inside the United States, but to make it appear that I succumbed of natural causes. While I was assigned at the Pentagon, agents of the DGSE and the Algerian Intelligence Services saturated my home environment, my food and my car with bio-chemicals. They used helicopters to release chemicals on my anticipated routes. When that did not work, they then began to use a combination of bio-chemicals and radioactive chemicals that enhance the effects of LFI, waves, pulses, and EMR. DGSE agents, subagents, and mercenaries are conducting an around the clock campaign to keep my whole being constantly engulfed in a sea of EMR. To maintain that state of complete radiation immersion, they routinely radiate me in the following manner:

a.   I am radiated inside my apartment from other apartments
b.   Inside my family’s home in Oklahoma and Florida
c.   On my boat from nearby boats or roads
d.   On my clothing and anything that I might touch
e.   From cars while driving
f.    From helicopters that are flown over my routes, my domicile, parks, bike trails, to release bio/radioactive chemicals on me.
g.   In any restaurant I try to frequent or food items I try to eat
h.   The contamination of the interior of any cars available to me
i.     Constant radiation of public venues I frequent such as the metro, buses, bike trails, restaurants, hospitals, elevators, coffee shops, etc.
j.    I get assaulted from a variety of purses pocketbooks, hand /shoulder bags

11. The DGSE is without doubt waging neurological and biological terrorism on me and possibly on many other Americans. Mr. Ambassador, one of the criteria of bio-terrorism is:

When a nation state is clandestinely and deliberately releasing chemicals in the environment, in food, and the water supply that interact with LFI, microwave, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic pulses, and EMR, in an effort to offset the biological equilibrium of a human with the ultimate goal to debilitate, cause illness/diseases, and eventual death.

What makes this so jaw dropping is the fact that the assassination attempts on my life occurred while I was assigned at a diplomatic post. At that time I was a legitimate embassy staff officer operating within the scope of my duties. This is a blatant violation of articles 1, 29, and 37 of the 1961 Vienna Convention. This is one of the most outrageous and brazen violations in international law and relations. Considering the use of bio/radioactive chemicals in the French Intelligence Agency’s MO to eliminate me, this should also be considered a violation of the 1972 chemical warfare convention.

12. I do not know the reason the DGSE is waging biological and neurological terrorism on Americans. Knowing that I am able to implicate them, they are engaged in a continuous campaign to stifle my efforts to publicize their evil acts and to kill me as well. I guarantee you that despite the DGSE’s effort to block publications of their malevolence. This information will become credible public knowledge. Then the world will become aware of France’s grievous violations of human rights and murderous activities on innocent civilians around the globe. In my case especially, the French government will need to justify to the international community the reason for its actions in trying to assassinate a US military officer while assigned at a diplomatic post. This is a war your country started. Believe you me, Mr. Ambassador, this is a war France cannot win, I guarantee you that.

13. A message to the DGSE.

a.   How dare you? How dare you trying to assassinate me and torture so many innocent people for no apparent reasons. I realize you have been trying to kill me - at a minimum - since 2005 while I lived in Silver Spring, Maryland. You are reckless and evil. Initially, I questioned the logic of your thinking. Later, I admitted that asking you morons to think is analogous to asking a monkey to develop humanoid speech abilities. I interpret your actions to mean that you anticipated quick success due to your experience in this venture. By now you should realize that future success does not always pivot from past performance. I will never know your state of mind when you made that fateful decision to murder me. I remember thinking you must be either incredibly reckless or superlatively stupid. The latter more accurately describes your actions. I am almost certain the Algerian government is financing your escapades. You are nothing but a conglomerate of thoughtless hired guns with too many morons in your ranks while other gullible morons are willing to finance your evil activities.

b.   According to Mr. Robert Mnookin: “an act is evil when it involves the intentional infliction of grievous harm on another human being in circumstances where there is no adequate justification.” Considering the very large number of victims suffering from this electromagnetic radiation torture, I only have you to blame for their pains. At the end of the day, you might not even understand your actions, because your actions are much bigger than you, me and the other victims, the DGSE, France, and the United States. You are evil and there is no other way to explain your actions. The number 666 is probably imprinted on your scalp. I forgive you and will pray for you. May my Lord creator bless you.

c.   My advice to you is to concede failure and refund the Algerian government whatever funds it provided you to kill or neutralize me. Your quest will, undoubtedly, result in total failure. Meanwhile I want you to entertain the following questions:

  • What is your goal and agenda in the radiation torture campaign you are conducting on Americans and others around the globe?
  • Why are you really trying to kill me? Is it because I rebuffed your amateurish attempts to recruit me as an intelligence asset when I was in East Africa in 2003?
  • Did you inform the Algerian government of your previous attempt to assassinate me in 2003 and 2005, before they began financing your moronic escapades?
  • Do you really expect to erase my memory or grill my organs with electromagnetic radiation?
  • Do you really think you can sustain and win this neurological and biological campaign of terror you are waging on Americans?
  • How do you expect to continue financing your evil acts when the Algerian Government stops financing your idiotic escapades?
  • What do you think will be the reaction of the international community when it becomes credible that the DGSE routinely targets for assassination staff officers from friendly nations working at their respective embassies and diplomatic posts?
  • What do you think they will say when they realize that the DGSE maintains killing squads in their country using biological and neurological warfare to target their own citizens and resident diplomats?
  • Can you sustain this operation for another 25 years? Buttressed by my faith in my creator, the Most High, Lord of lords, I am absolutely certain that I can.
  • What were you thinking?
d.   Mark my word, as certain as you are the earth orbits the sun, I guarantee you this:

  • Regardless of how much you radiate my clothes, my food, my mail, my car, my place of lodging, and other places I frequent your actions are futile. As I already told you, buttressed by my faith and surrounded in the glory and the spirit of my lord Jehovah, you will never succeed in eliminating or neutralizing me.
  • The whole world will learn of your evil acts, because I will not rest until I expose them.
  • You will be held accountable for your despicable and monstrous acts.
  • Your days of indiscriminately torturing the innocents will end soon.
  • You - the DGSE - with all of France’s resources at your disposal, the Algerian government and all its oil reserves, and satan with all its cohorts in hell will not destroy me. My being was created by the Divine, HE and only HE will dispose of me as He wishes and when He wants and ready.

14. Mr. Ambassador, The actions of the DGSE illustrate a dangerously over confident attitude to the point of being reckless. This begs to question the actions or inaction of the political leaders who approved the operation to murder me in the first place and to neutralize so many innocent human beings. It is no secret that most successful and influential leaders prefer that their children follow in their footsteps. Imagine your own child or protégé assigned at a French diplomatic post when a foreign intelligence agency decided to torture them in the manner the DGSE has been torturing innocent individuals around the globe. How would you feel? It behooves your country’s true diplomats to instill some sort of adult supervision on the activities of the DGSE.

15. Mr. Ambassador, a word of warning, I know that - after committing a very idiotic act - influential cowards have the tendency to save their skin, run for cover, and engage in backroom shady deals in order to sacrifice the black man. In fact those cowards will even sacrifice their own mother to save their skin. I guarantee you this will not happen to me – Mark my words. Consider yourself informed and warned and may the Divine Creator bless you.

J. R.
LTC (Ret)
United States Army

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