Precautions to minimize EMR exposure

What can a victim do to minimize exposure to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) torture?  

The moment you become a target of this torture, your life will no longer be the same.  Therefore it behooves you, the warrior, to adjust your mentality to accept and live with it.  I think to stay alive you will have to develop a robust psychological flexibility and self-awareness. 

A victim’s goal is to stay alive by minimizing exposure to the radiation. You might think the perpetrators are everywhere, but they are not.  To minimize exposure to EMR and microwave, you need to develop a thorough understanding of their MO.  Comprehend how they are attacking you and where they are mostly to be in traffic and around you.

Once your body is sensitized with some sort of an implant, either chemical or electronic, they will reach out and touch you despite of your location. Their intent is to torture you until you give up and do something that could precipitate your incarceration or worst commit suicide. 

My exposure to this torture dated back to 2006 and I would like to share my experience with the other victims and those who might be in the cross hair of this radiation torture. I would like to emphasize one thing here.   I am not suggesting that any victim should take action against anyone he/she might suspect to be responsible for radiating him/her.  This is very important because you might be wrong and find yourself in jail.  This is one of the items on their list to eliminate you.  So do not play in their hands.  This list is based on my observations and direct experience as the target of this genocide by radiation: 

1.   Trust your intuition.  The first thing a victim should do is to find a way to develop, nurture, and trust a divine gift, the intuition.  Try to see the abnormal in actions that others would think is perfectly normal.  That way you will be able to sense and know exactly when you are near a person with an RDD to radiate your body and vacate the area.   

2.   Track the origin of the torture.  I think many victims were targeted because of something they might have witnessed during routine duties.  So conduct an inventory of your contacts, travels, employment, as far back as about a year before you first became aware of being a victim. More than likely you will be able to discover the trigger of when and why you were selected for this torture.  Remember also that the entity to which you might trace your agony may look as American as mom and apple pie, but might be on the payroll of a foreign entity.

3.   Do not isolate yourself.  The main aspect of their MO is to isolate you from friends and family.  Do not allow that to happen because it would be the worst thing to do.  You will play in their hands and they will be able to corner you a lot easier. Keep and nurture the few remaining friends and relatives who still believe in you. Isolation is always a prelude to depression and much more detrimental health problems. Even if you try to make new friends, they will try to intervene and say something to run them away from you.  Do not despair.  Remember nothing last forever.  With this mentality you will be able to maintain your psychological health. 

4.   Bag carrying individual.  Watch out for a bag-carrying person who would have entered any establishment immediately after you or has been waiting inside. That person would try to get close to your location or just passing nearby for no apparent reasons. The bag carriers are easily women carrying pocketbooks, or rolling computer bags. If you trust your intuition will always know when you are in the proximity of one of those individuals. 

5.   Beware when your feet suddenly get warmer than normal.  Either while driving, walking, or just standing if you feel your feet warmer than normal or a little itchy in any circumstance, you might have just been targeted with a heavy dose of radiation.  Sometimes it is a matter of picking your feet up off the floor if possible.

6.   Glove anesthesia.  If you feel numbness in your hands, do not share that information with anyone, least of all a primary care physician.  It is an attempt to temporarily inflict you with glove anesthesia. In the medical field, this is seen as a mental problem.  Please I suggest you look it up by clicking this link, glove anesthesia

7.   Locations of perpetrators’ vehicles in traffic. 

a)   “Where did that car come from?” “Wow this car came out of nowhere.”  “How did that car get behind me so quick?” If you have been driving around in a deserted neighborhood and find yourself saying one of these sentences when you look behind you, then beware.  This happens when you are leaving an area where the perpetrators do not want to lose sight of your vehicle.  By deserted I mean very light traffic. Have you ever seen drivers who try to hide their faces as you glance in their direction in traffic? The driver might abruptly look away or act like he/she is fibbling for something in the car.  Albeit the normalcy of this act, if it happens, consider it a red flag.  Moreover, you must also be prepared to accept that your vehicle most likely has a tracking device.  This means that anytime the vehicle rolls, they see you moving and know where to position themselves in traffic anticipating your travel.  Couples with the complete monitoring of your phone conversations, they know your destination and direction of travel.

b)   Psychologically when someone is trying to hurt us we might recount that experience this way: “someone is after me to hurt me,” or “someone is following me wherever I go.”  These two key words after and follow somehow always tend to make us look back to see who might be coming from behind us.  Being fully aware of this aspect of human nature, the perpetrators are more often than not located elsewhere in traffic.  Having listened to your phone conversations, they know exactly where you are going and the route you will take to get to your destination.  Vehicles will be positioned blocks ahead of you and those vehicles would be turning into the traffic ahead of you as you travel down the road. Vehicles will also be coming toward you and will strategically be coming from cross streets to coincide their arrival at the same intersection where you will be. Due to the nature of electromagnetic radiation and its short effective range, the morons would drive very slowly in traffic to allow you to get within range before firing or releasing the RDD or radiation.

c)   Scan the traffic ahead for vehicles occupying the most populated traffic lanes and those driving awkwardly slower than the flow of traffic and for road conditions (i.e., 20 MPH in a 45 MPH zone).  Although there might be a logically good reason why this person is driving slow, but you really never know.  If it is a perpetrator, he/she is purposefully driving very slowly to give the targeted victim the opportunity to close the gap and be within range of the RDD.  If you are taking too long to close the gap, they will attempt a left turn or a very slow, maladroit, right turn in order to force you to get within range. Watch for the car driving behind a bus or a truck with no desire to change lane even if the opportunity to change lanes presents itself.  While scanning the rear traffic, watch out for the vehicle lingering at a distance.  Also look for the vehicle that appears as if it is hiding behind other vehicles to your rear.  Once the RDD is fired, they will make a quick right turn to vacate the area as quickly as possible. Believe you me another already has you in sight. Vehicles would be traveling on other roads that are parallel to the one on which you are driving.  You will not see these vehicles, since they are out of your sight

8.   Widen your horizon & Avoid high traffic areas. It is very important for the victim to develop a thorough knowledge of the area of operation (AO).  Your AO is the area where you live, work, play, eat, shop, and regularly travel to maintain your subsistence. There was a study once that most people live their entire lives within a 12-mile radius.  They would go to work using the same routes, do grocery shopping in the same stores, or use the same restaurants.  When you are so predictable you are making this too easy for those who are trying to kill you.  A victim will need to widen his or her horizon and use the entire AO and much more.  This way you are making them work harder to get to you.  For example, if it is possible, try to avoid multi-lane roads where they can be anywhere in traffic. On multilane roads, a car can be in the lane next to your car releasing the radiation at your car pedals and your body.  Try to use back roads where traffic is light.  This way you can draw the perpetrators to engage when traffic is light and hopefully able to better identify them. Take notes of their cars; write down license plate numbers and cars’ descriptions. By doing that you are exercising your brain and in due time will have a record of the perpetrators.  They are successful, because, some of us feel overwhelm and just give up. 

9.   Privacy locks for home doors.  Invest in a door chain or some sort of dead bolt privacy lock that cannot be tempered with from the outside while you are at home.  Remember the shower is very noisy and you will not hear someone opening the front door. It has happened before for them to enter the home while someone is in the shower.  Believe it or not, they do have a key to your home and your car.

10.   Do away with routines.  Remove all trends and patterns from your lifestyle. Alternate your gathering places.  Forego that favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or bookstore. They use that against you in order to lay ambush on you.  Always keep them guessing where you will go or what you will do next.

11.   At the Laundromats.  The morons have applied chemicals and/or radiation to the laundry machines in order to get into my clothes.  If you have to use public Laundromats, keep your eyes on the machines you are using.  On several occasions I caught the scums adding some foreign objects to my laundry while the machines were running. I acted as if I did not see them, but adjusted accordingly.  In fact a woman was sent to add something to a washer machine I was using on the Walter Reed Army Medical Center base.

12.   Stress relief and exercise / Buy a bicycle.  I think their plan is to overload the body with toxins or excess chemicals that will react with the EMR, LFI, and microwave radiations.  So it is beneficial to exercise regularly in order to sweat those toxins out of your body. There were times that a layer of salt was very visible on my sweaty clothes. If you can use a bike to attend to your daily chores, consider using a bicycle on occasions. While on the bike trails, you can avoid them much better.  An added benefit to the bicycle is that it helps you exercise and stay in good shape.  However when on the bike trail remember that they can easily strap a bag containing an RDD on the bike.  Also keep your eyes out for a woman pushing a baby stroller zipped shut in the heat of summer. Imagine that, pushing a baby stroller zipped or taped shut in the heat of summer.  These people are not that bright.

13.   Be Mobile.  Be as mobile as you can.  However, beware of someone stopping you to ask you for directions.  I have gotten so mobile on the bicycle that when they are unable to reach me, one idiot would stop me to ask for some lame direction. More than likely, the bag that person is carrying or the car he/she is driving contains the RDD and you are the target. Those morons have stopped me on several occasions to ask me for directions to the nearest McDonalds or to ask me for some other lame location.

14.   Remain extremely flexible at all times.  I think part of their success can be attributed to the average human unwillingness to adapt to change.  Be willing to do without some of your favorite things. Be ready to adapt to another routine and alternate locales that you frequent.  To eat at another location.  Be prepared to fast for a few days if the need arises

15.   Compartmentalize.  Compartmentalization, I think, is the best way to keep your sanity.  While it may appear that everyone is after you, but this is not the case at all.  So do your best to keep in mind that some people in this world are evil while not everyone you encounter is out to hurt you. The goal is to cause you to lash out at anyone you encounter and get you admitted, imprisoned, or killed. 

16.        Runaway electronics.  Watch out for runaway electronics in your car. I purchased a new bicycle that came with a new bike computer, which provides the rider with the following features: odometer, speedometer, clock, and timer etc.  About a week later, the odometer read over 33,000 miles. Being under constant attack of electromagnetic waves, pulses, and radiations, I checked it after another week and the odometer read over 77,000 miles.  It is impossible for me to travel 77,000 miles on a bicycle.  I could be wrong, but I think the glitch might be an interference of the electromagnetic waves/pulses that have constantly permeated my life.  Please refer to the Tuesday, 23 February 2010, USA Today article: "Could electronics be what’s causing runaway cars?"  I do not know if there is a real correlation between a small bike computer and the more sophisticated car computers, but it is worth keeping in mind.

17.        Cell /Smart phone.  99% of us go about life everyday with the greatest beacon that is facilitating the actions of the perpetrators to target us.  It is the cell phone.  With the proper technology the cell phone can be remotely switched to on and/or off.  While the phone is on, this allows anyone to clearly listen to everything being said.  Moreover, it can also be used as a tracking GPS device to geo-locate the position of the victim. Smart phones with large storage and wireless capabilities can be hijacked or harnessed to attack the body of a victim.  Once the body is sensitized to radiation, it is detrimental to the health of the victim to be in a wireless environment. Anytime I am operating in a wireless environment, I can feel the radiation engulfing my entire body.  Due to the large hard drive capacity of the smart phone, a radiation or wave file can be placed on it to come on at will in order to keep the victim in a radiation environment. There was a period, each time I turned on my iPhone, I would feel engulfed in debilitating radiation. I figured that a radiation file was remotely placed on my iPhone to be activated each time the phone is switched to on.  Consider removing the battery from your cell phone when not in use. Additionally, to get information about your plans, they will access the phones of others around you and those with whom you maintain regular contact.  Draw a wiring diagram with your phone at the center and everyone you call regularly around you.  Those phones are also being monitored.  Be prepared to understand that the perpetrators will be aware of everything your loved ones might discuss over the phone with friends and family members about you and your plans.  Even if you did not say anything about it, they know it. 

18.        Keep your head level.  Remain strong and do not give them the pleasure of seeing you capitulate by becoming violent or committing suicide.  Avoid the actions that can get you incarcerated, because this is what they want.

19.        Nurture your spirituality.  Prayer is the best remedy; the best we can do is to pray.  Pray to the creator, the Most High, the Merciful, our Divine Lord every moment you can spare.  It will pay you great dividends. 

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  1. Thank you this really helped. I too am a victim and have been searching for a way to relieve myself.